As a result, the first edition of the Airworthiness Manual replaced the following ICAO documents: the Airworthiness Technical Manual (Doc ), the Manual of . Doc AN Airworthiness Manual. Volume I. Organization and ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex,. France. ICAO Doc , Chapter 3: ; (b) The Authority, when issuing its Certificate of Airworthiness, my consider the previous Certificate of Airworthiness issued by .

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If this is a modification, then the organization responsible for the design modification should be informed.

Source for ICAO Airworthiness Manual (doc ) – PPRuNe Forums

Recommended Practices for Charter Operations Recommended Practices for Charter Operations Introduction The BHA is a non-profit making organisation, whose main objective is to promote the use of helicopters throughout the country and to bring to the More information.

Organization s name and location Date of issue and period of validity Terms of approval A6, May Odc The most up-to-date information be provided to the flight crew on identified en-route alternate aerodromes, including operational status and meteorological conditions 3.

Change Notice Revision 2 updates section Approval for special flights Chapter 6: Certification The 5 phase process drawn from Doc Manual of procedures for operations inspection, certification and continued surveillance Part IV, May Page The specific safety risk assessment required to allow this exceptional EDTO approval to be granted must:. A Certificate of Airworthiness shall be issued by a Contracting State on the basis of satisfactory evidence that the aircraft complies with the design aspects of the appropriate airworthiness requirements 2 May Page European Commission date of receipt: A set of descriptive data, maintenance planning and accomplishment instructions, developed by a design approval holder in accordance with the certification basis for the product.


Date s of Evaluation: Due to the extent of the revision, changes could not be tracked. Maintenance tasks and that have been specified as mandatory in the approval of the type design should be identified as such in the maintenance programme.

Registration of aircraft Chapter 3: Original January Iaco 1 of 14 Intentionally More information. However, awareness of technical events allows oversight of continued airworthiness by both aeroplane manufacturers and their primary dooc authorities so that any necessary corrective actions can be and are promptly identified and implemented.

Followed by a formal written acceptance of application. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration.

Air odc certificate airworthiness aspects Chapter 3: As aeroplane reliability and range improved, it became clear that all multi turbine-engined aircraft were pushing the boundaries of flight away from nearby alternates to increasingly distant ones and a review of the existing arrangements for ETOPS began.

Helicopter Safety “What’s being done to keep the helicopter in the air?

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Purpose of this advisory circular AC Conditions at identified en-route alternate aerodromes in 2 above to be at or above the operator s established aerodrome operating minima for the operation at the estimated time of use for 2 engines aeroplanes. Aircraft noise certification Chapter 4: Registration of aircraft Airworthiness and continuing airworthiness of aircraft Noise certification Issuance,validation or acceptance of type certificates Part III, May Page Before issuing an EDTO approval, a State must normally ensure that the maximum diversion time for the operator of a particular aeroplane type does not exceed the most limiting EDTO-significant-system time limitation which is relevant dooc that particular operation and identified in the AFM directly or by reference is not exceeded and, in the case of aeroplanes with two turbine engines only, that the aeroplane type involved is Icaao certified.

Particulars of all work done to restore the aircraft to an airworthy condition.


The term regulations is used in a generic sense to include but is not limited to instructions, rules, edicts, directives, sets of laws, requirements, policies, and orders. Initial Evaluations 2 6. The Chicago Convention and Annexes 2.

Procedures to ensure the aircraft is maintained in accordance to the maintenance programme Training programme for the maintenance personnel employed by the operator Operator dic SMS Procedure to ensure modifications and repairs comply with State of Registry requirements Procedure for MCM revision and control Note: Issue C of A when all requirements are met.

Retrieved from ” https: Definitions and abbreviations 2 May Page Maintenance tasks and the intervals at which these are to be performed When applicable, a continuing structural integrity programme Procedures for changing and deviating from the above When applicable, conditioning monitoring and reliability programme descriptions of aircraft systems, components and engines.

Airworthiness requirements for extended diversion time operations Chapter 6: Each contracting State undertakes to keep its own regulations in these respects uniform, to the greatest extent, with those established from time to time under ivao Convention.

Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information. Dov or adopt regulations to meet its obligations to the Convention on Civil Aviation Discharging of State responsibilities to: Nationality or common mark and registration mark Manufacture and iczo s soc of aircraft Aircraft serial number Name and address of owner Date of issue 2 May Page The C of A is only issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed.

Aircraft maintenance modifications and repairs Chapter 4: Detailed Course Course Syllabus Revision Box 1, Singapore Copies of this document may More information.