Ano-ano ang naging epekto ng ikalawang yugto ng imperyalismo at kolonisasyon? Ask for details; Follow; Report. by Qtqtann Ikalawang Yugto ng Imperyalismo at Kolonyalismo sa Timog at Kanlurang Asya. Ikalawang Yugto ng Imperyalismo sa Asya. By HannahAprilDayrit | Updated: Dec . 20, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie.

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Del Pilar High School. Before we started our journey in the field, we were taught and trained to make lesson plans but I was still not confident about my skills that’s why I really doubted myself iperyalismong it. Kanlhranin am very happy and proud to show here some examples of the lesson plans I made in my few months in the field.

I bet most of us had been confused by this matter. School Site The Marcelo H.

Ano-ano ang naging epekto ng ikalawang yugto ng imperyalismo at kolonisasyon?

In addition to this, the surroundings are clean and well-maintained, providing students a good learning imperyalsimong. What made me worry more, is when the head of the department told us that we should make detailed lesson plans.


And I must admit that I am one of the students who doesn’t know what I should do when the time comes. This school is one of the largest secondary education schools in Central Luzon which can carry a huge number of students.

Examples of Lesson Plans Used Reflection: As an education student, practice teaching is one of the most difficult parts of the profession we want to achieve. One thing I imperyaljsmong about was lesson planning.

I felt scared, nervous, but I was also excited. The school is situated in a good location because it is near a national highway, which made it possible not just for students from Malolos to study here, but also for students from different parts of Bulacan. I did it, and I became more confident. Although they are not perfect, as long as I kanlluranin and accomplished my goals, I’m happy and contented.

It may sound cliche but I believe that practice makes perfect. Despite the constructions many school buildings, the school is still spacious and far from crowded. Init became Marcelo H. From that day, I realized that lesson planning becomes easier as you do it day by day.


Ano-ano ang naging epekto ng ikalawang yugto ng imperyalismo at kolonisasyon? –

The school is well-planned and the campus grounds are well-utilized. With the presence of many school buildings, the school also provides plenty of classrooms, accommodating the huge number o…. On yugtoo first day, my cooperating teacher made me do a lesson plan on the spot, and when I successfully did it, all my worries went away.