The book is written in the form of a personal account of Ouspensky’s years with Gurdjieff, and the ideas of Gurdjieff are presented to some extent in their. In Ouspensky’s ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ the reader is introduced to the authors first meeting and following time spent with the enigmatic Greek/Armenian . Buy In Search of the Miraculous: The Definitive Exploration of G. I. Gurdjieff’s Thought and Universal View (Harvest Book) Revised ed. by P. D. Ouspensky.

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Page Man is a machine controlled by accidental shocks from outside. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Oct 16, Zendali rated it really liked it Shelves: The human body has nine basic measurements expressed by the numbers of a definite measure. Or has he brought Ouspensky to a stage of dearch development which can only proceed further through the creation in the pupil of an entirely new and unknown human emotion?

Page Daydreaming is absolutely the opposite of ‘useful’ mental activity. Each note of any octave can be regarded as an octave on another plane. And the first thing necessary is for a man to see how far in fact he is from these possibilities. Not only because the many ideas, of which I enjoyed the ones on psychology much more than the ones on the cosmic order of things.

The final step would be to connect the “7” back to the “1”.

In Search of the Miraculous

Sep 03, Gene Colwell rated it really liked it. This unison is what present the chief difficulty in work on oneself. Man can not tear himself free from the Moon. To see what midaculous friends thought of this book, please sign up. These are three successive stages. Page People fear silence more than any other thing. He holds a pessimistic view of the ability of any person to free themselves from this bondage hence the inevitable failure of New Years’s resolutions except for ouspenskyy intervention of a higher power, or teacher.


Moreover, Gurdjieff has organized a ot, structured along unfamiliar but intriguing principles, to study this knowledge. Gurdjieff learned and taught in, at times, clear and concise terms, and at other times, almost incomprehensible esoteric ideas and old science Everything that happens on a big scale is governed from the outside, and governed either seearch accidental combinations of influences or by general cosmic laws. S I had this book on my shelf for years, and had read about Gurdjieff from other authors, but never from one so close to G.

The latter exhibited a wonderfully inspiring revelation of interpretations, which were simple, clear, and directly perceivable–not to mention being also clearly interconnected. This forms three octaves of radiation.

Knowledge based upon ancient methods – knowledge of the All, he called objective knowledge. Page The pupil cannot go on without ousppensky teacher, and the teacher cannot go on without the pupil or pupils.

Page Man, in the normal state natural to him, is taken as a duality. Through the Eye of a Ouspesky This is the worst thing that can happen to a man.

Page The process of transforming the substances searfh enter im organism into finer ones is governed by the law of octaves. It’s clear–no Beelzebub’s Talesian mumbo-jumbo. Page A man is unable to change the form of his thinking or his feeling until he has changed his repertory of postures and movements. Read reviews that mention search of the miraculous fourth way read this book years ago fragments of an unknown unknown teaching beelzebub tales ever read negative emotions thought provoking highly recommended books i have ever starting point kindle version ideas presented miraculous fragments gurdjieff teachings teachings of gurdjieff reading the book well worth.


Write a customer review. The style makes you feel as though ln, too, are traveling by train through the Caucasus alongside its author. After years of “searching” for a path that seemed “practical” this book brought it all together.

Otherwise from him will be taken even what he has already been given.

Gurdjieff’s talks about attaining true consciousness reminds me of David Foster Wallace’s famous speech ‘This is Water’. Ecco, cose del genere proprio non le capisco. Ouspensky had to go. Each one acted according to his type. Quotes from Ouspensoy Search of the Jul 18, Sue rated it really liked it.

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching

Connected with the large accumulator a man is literally able to perform miracles. Page The seven-tone scale is the formula of a cosmic law which was applied to music. Gurdjieff groups, but decades of hard-won experience allows me to say that the Gurdjieff tradition is peculiar in attracting power-hungry charlatans who exploit the “rascal sage” idea to gather suckers around themselves.

Page Ouspensky began studying the enneagram. Page He also found that the seven points could represent the seven planets of the ancient world. Repeated characterisations of people as machines are particularly poignant against the background of WWI and the October Revolution seqrch Russia, but sometimes it’s taken too far.

Looking back at the things I ouspenskky, I realize that there is an extraordinary amount of merit in the ot and I will have to come back to it at another time when I have more free time.

Page This symbol expresses the law of seven in its union with the law of three.