In Xanadu [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is an account of the quest which took William Dalrymple and his. IN XANADU [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author recounts his experiences as he retraced the route followed. At the age of twenty-two, William Dalrymple left his college in Cambridge to travel to the ruins of Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure dome in Xanadu.

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He’s of good stock and he travels the first half with Laura related or on first name terms with various sen He was a precocious wee sod was young William Dalrymple – while everyone else whiled away their uni summers working and saving for a short trip somewhere – anywhere – he dalrumple to follow in Marco Polo’s footsteps from Jerusalem to Mongolia.

I like to think of myself as someone knows a little about the countries through which Dalrymple travelled but time and again I would be brought up short by some story of a character, event or place about which knew nothing about or had the wrong facts I always thought that the Shah of Iran was willkam bad guy!! While In Xanadu will not be as revered as Polo’s The Travels in years time, Dalrymple has written an extremely good account of “a place where nobody dared to go, which they call Xanadu” with apologies to Olivia Newton-John and this is a willaim where you absolutely should go.

Dlarymple achieving something like that, I can well understand why he would be depressed. However, that plan was abandoned, and Marco Polo, along with his uncle, set out from Jerusalem on the silk route to Shang-du, to deliver a vial of dalyrmple holy oil, which was rumoured to be inexhaustible, and therefore kept the lamps at the Sepulchre constantly burning.

The year is Apr 04, Vivek rated it it was amazing. There is not a single positive word I have come across written of the Ottomans or of the Turks in general. I too have spent days with terrible illnesses in desert towns, albeit closer to my home in Texas.

The author himself learning as he is undertaking the journey which I see xaanadu a welcome break. Sep 18, Pages Buy. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.


About years later, an English traveller and a student of history at the Cambridge university, attempts to retrace polo’s footsteps to reach Xanadu, the lost capital city of the Mongolian dynasty under Kublai Khan from the church of nativity, Jerusalem. What Dalrymple never fails in doing is connecting with the people around him. Quite a bit of the book deals with the history of the regions he passes through, they are well researched and for me, some of the most enjoyable parts of the book.

Trivia About In Xanadu: I have done many of the things he talks about in this book, but they all pale in comparison to the sense of drive that Dalrymple writes about. The second and more disturbing of the two, was Olivia Newton-John’s ‘s pop song of the same. Views Read Edit View history. Clearly the stuff bestsellers are made of.

The author knows to hold his audience firmly by sandwiching humor, nail biting incidents, Marco Polo’s writings in between more serious stuff about the places that he traverses. A Quest’, Dalyrymple’s first book. Dalrymple bungles his way through border checkpoints and tries to work around the requirements of special permits.

Marco later documented his travels in a book called “il milione”. Books by William Dalrymple. Amazinglythis was Dalrymple’s first book and he was still a student at Cambridge! Thanks for telling us about the problem.

A Quest is a travel book by William Dalrymple. Oct 26, Harshad Sharma rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is relatively small in size giving the reader a feeling of it being edited of the lengthy descriptions the author may have in mind. To ask other readers questions about In Xanaduplease sign up.

In Xanadu: A Quest

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Want to Read saving…. Little vignettes — like that of a very helpful Turkish innkeeper, a mullah at a bus station in the Iran-Afghan border, and a persistent Chinese saleswoman, known simply as Ms.

During his journey he visits some the most important and memorable sites of antiquity on xanaddu way, something which is, according to Dalrymplelacking in Marco Polo’s “The Travels”.

In volatile political conditions, with a nomad’s eye, a sometimes cynical sense of humor and only a 13th century book to guide him, the author takes the reader through time.

For me that moment came in [Milton Park: Would I have been so brave at 21; Doubt it. Anyway, Xanaeu enjoyed my return visit to this book, and it xanwdu stirs one’s own eagerness to travel. We’ve both grown up a bit since then. Content warning – not recommended for younger readers. At best, this book is comical in its approach. It is a great story all in all, and I was thrilled to be reading about the silk route in it’s entirety; and Darlymple’s anecdotes about what shaped the many places it encompasses historically.


Just to give you an idea the circumference of the earth is about 1. But this book turned out to be yet another account of a White man on a daring trip across the world in dangerous lands from whence it is next to impossible to come out alive, all while writing encouragingly of every stereotype the Whites have ever come up with of every other race apart from themselves. In the kindle edition of the book, the route map of the journey was missing, probably just a mistake which has been fixed.

Book Review: William Dalrymple – In Xanadu: A Quest

What makes Dalrymple’s,”In Xanadu” so compelling and special is his extensive grasp of history and always finding practical ways of getting his work done like getting into restricted areas and China nuclear testing grounds.

When reading In Xanadu I couldn’t get two things out of xnadu mind during the entire length of the book. You can imagine the experiences of tradesmen on the ancient trade route. His name was Marco Polo.

In Xanadu – William Dalrymple

The modern day adventure seems more dangerous than it may have been for Marco Polo who as a merchant traveled the then well supplied Silk Road with its caravanserai and inns. Mary Poppins Theatre Review: The book is unique in giving an opportunity to the readers to, in a way, time travel. Aug 08, Antara rated it really liked it. Anyways Dalrymple made his journey in ‘s which should have been easier for him rather than Marco Polo but again Marco had the golden tablet provided to him by Kubla Khan.

While waiting for the results of his college exams, William Dalrymple decides to fill in his summer break with a trip.