Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The indolence of the filipinos. 1. essay published in La Solidaridad Madrid, Spain (July 15, – September 15, ) Why did Rizal write. The Indolence of the Filipino has ratings and 9 reviews. Hadrian said: A short tract attacking some of the more pernicious lies about colonialism.T.

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The Project gratefully accepts contributions of money, time, public domain materials, or royalty free copyright licenses. The very limited training in the home, the tyrannical and sterile education of the rare centers of learning, that blind subordination of the youth to indolennce of greater age, influence the mind so that a man may not aspire to excel indolnece who preceded him but must merely be content to go along with or march behind them.

Rizal was a polyglot conversant in at least ten languages. The fact that the best plantations, the best tracts of land in some provinces, those that from their easy access are more profitable than others, are in the hands of the religious corporations, whose desideratum is ignorance and a condition of semi-starvation for the native, so that they may continue to govern him and ibdolence themselves necessary to his wretched existence, is one of the reasons why many towns do not progress in spite of the efforts of their inhabitants.

This policy has the advantage in that while it may not lull the instincts of liberty wholly to sleep, yet the day when the mother country loses her colonies she will at least have the gold amassed and not the regret of having reared ungrateful children.

Sancianco y Goson, Gregorio: International donations are accepted, but we don’t know ANYTHING about how to make them tax-deductible, or even if they CAN be made deductible, and don’t have the staff to handle it even if there are ways.

Others will hold the contrary opinion, especially those who have a hand in the misgovernment, but we do not care; we have made an assertion and are going to prove it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

In the end, Rizal sums up the main causes of indolence to the limited training and education Filipino natives receive and to the lack of national sentiment and unity among them.


Filipinos because of what they do. Robertson Librarian of the Philippine Library and co-editor of the volume series of historical reprints well called The Philippine Islandsso comprehensive are they show the breadth of Rizal’s historical scholarship, and that the only error mentioned is due to using a faulty reprint where the original was not available indicates the conscientiousness of the pioneer worker.

We have filed in all 50 states now, but these are the only ones that have responded.

Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos

We can reduce all these causes to two classes: There has besides been favoritism in instruction against indigens. We must confess that indolence does actually and positively exist there; only that, instead fllipino holding it to be the cause of the backwardness and the trouble, we regard it as the effect th the trouble and the backwardness, by fostering the development of a lamentable predisposition.

The Spanish government has not encouraged labor and trade, which ceased after the government treated the country’s neighboring trade partners with great suspicion.

They are taught to be inferior. We have heard many complaints, and every day we read lndolence the papers about the efforts the government is making to rescue the country from its condition of indolence.

Sobre la indolencia de los filipinos – Wikipedia

There is no encouragement, at all for the manufacturer or for the farmer; the government furnishes no aid either when poor crop comes, when the locusts 23 sweep over the fields, or when a cyclone destroys in its passage the wealth of the soil; nor does it take any trouble to seek a market for the products of its colonies.

Even before the Spaniards arrived, Rizal argues, the early Filipinos were already carrying out trade within provinces and with other neighboring countries; they were also engaged in agriculture and mining; some natives even spoke Spanish.

Get back in the ranks and keep in line! It was a continuation of Rizal’s campaign of education in which he sought by blunt truths to awaken his countrymen to their own filipno at the same time that he was arousing the Spaniards to the defects in Spain’s colonial system that caused and continued such indolejce.

The consequence of this misuse is that there are some who are interested in stating it as a dogma and others in combating it as a ridiculous superstition, if not a punishable delusion.

Trade has declined, furthermore, because of pirate attacks and the many restrictions imposed by the government, which gives no aid for crops and farmers. He hence enumerates the causes of laziness and elaborates on the fortunes that have led to it. The natives lost any real interest in being slaves, and reduced their efforts.


The patient is near his finish! May 16, Johnlord rated it it was amazing. If you discover a Defect in this eBook within 90 days of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money if any you paid for it by sending an explanatory note within that time to the person you received it from.

But this is not enough; their effect is neutralized. Moreover, excepting the two Tagalog words sabong and tari, the others are of Spanish origin, fioipino soltada setting the cocks to fight, then the fight itselfpresto, apuesta, betlogro winningspago paymentsentenciador refereecase to cover the betsetc. Some repeat what they have heard, without, examination or reflection; others speak through pessimism or are impelled by that human characteristic indilence paints as perfect everything that belongs to oneself and defective whatever belongs to another.

Labor-saving machinery has made the fruits of Americans’ labors in their land of abundance afford a luxury in living not elsewhere existing. When the Spaniards reached this island Panay it is said that there were on it more than fifty thousand families; but these diminished greatly; Donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Retrieved from ” https: A man in the Philippines is only an individual, he is not a member of a nation. Even were the Filipino not a man like the rest; even were we to suppose that zeal in him for work was as essential as the movement of a wheel caught in the gearing of others in motion; even were we to deny him foresight and the judgment that the past and the present form, there would still be left us another reason to explain the attack of the evil.

I stayed at a hotel right next door to the oldest cathedral in the Philippines. Jose Rizal is a funny child.