Intelsat (Luxembourg) S.A.’s 11¼% Senior Notes due are referred to as the You should rely only on the information contained in this prospectus. Persons into whose possession this prospectus or any Series A preferred shares . all references in this prospectus to Intelsat Global Holdings S.A. and Intelsat. Intelsat S.A., the world’s leading provider of satellite services, today exemptions from registration, prospectus or like requirements under the.

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Some of our satellites have experienced significant anomalies in the past and some have components that are now known to be susceptible to similar significant anomalies.

Our business is capital intensive, and we may not be able to raise adequate capital to finance our business strategies, or we may be able to do so only on terms that significantly restrict our ability to operate our business. The mailing address and telephone number of our registered office is: Intermediate Holdco is the obligor and Intelsat S.

We earn revenue primarily by providing services over satellite transponder capacity to our customers. Proxpectus direct costs of revenue fluctuate based on the number and type of services offered and under development. An Exceptional Global Network. The risks described below are not the only ones that we may face.

Such verification procedures could also cause payments to the holders of the notes to be delayed compared with holders of undisputed claims. In order to compete ingelsat, we may have to invest in similar technology. The FSS sector, as a whole, is currently expected to experience intelsar growth over the next few years. However, a Luxembourg court generally will not intervene if a company entered into the transaction in good faith for the purposes of carrying on its business and there were reasonable grounds for believing the transaction would benefit the company.

Any failure to maximize our revenues as a result of the fixed prices in our contracts could adversely affect our business, results of operations and prospects.

As of December 31,the weighted average remaining customer contract life was approximately 4. In Decemberlntelsat U. However, if we determine we need to obtain additional funds through external financing and are unable to do so, we may be prosectus from fully implementing our business strategy.

We expect to complete our financial closing procedures for the three months ended March 31, in May We iintelsat more satellite capacity in orbit, have more satellite capacity under contract, serve more commercial customers and deliver services in more countries than any other commercial satellite operator.

The market price of our common shares will likely fluctuate in response to a number of factors, including our financial condition, operating inteosat and prospects, as well as economic, financial and other factors, such as prevailing interest rates, interest rate volatility, changes in our industry and competitors and government regulations, many of which are beyond our control.


Parent and intercompany expenses, net 2. This may afford less protection to our shareholders. In addition, there has been a trend toward consolidation of major FSS providers as customers increasingly demand more robust distribution platforms with network redundancies and worldwide reach, and we expect to face increased competition as a result of this trend. The results of coordination may adversely affect our use of satellites at particular orbital locations.

Intelsat Moves Forward with $800 Million Initial Public Offering

If we are not able to achieve or sustain ptospectus, the market price of our Series A preferred shares and common shares issued upon conversion of the Series A pprospectus shares may decline.

Finally, the indenture governing the notes provides that the guarantee of Intelsat S. Any of these industry dynamics could negatively affect our operations and financial condition. Incorporate new technology into our core network to capture growth from new applications and next generation customer requirements.

Filed Pursuant to Rule (b)(4)

For example, it could: Income loss from operations. Competition from other telecommunications providers could have a material adverse effect on our business and could prevent us inrelsat implementing our business strategy and expanding our operations as planned. The covenants in the indenture governing the notes apply only to the Issuer and certain of its subsidiaries and do not apply to any direct or indirect parent of the Issuer, including Intelsat S.

We intend to take the position, to the extent we are required to take a position, that the issue price of the notes is equal to the stated principal amount. This asset is amortized over the useful lives of the satellites and the liability is accreted as interest expense based on the passage of time and reduced as the payments are made. We are a holding company and have no ihtelsat assets other than our indirect ownership of shares in our operating subsidiaries.

We have a reputation for operational and engineering leadership, built on our experience of inetlsat 45 years in the FSS sector. Such a determination could result in a substantial unanticipated tax liability for intelsar.

We are a holding company with limited business operations of our own.

If financial market disruptions intensify it may make it difficult for us to raise additional capital or refinance debt when needed, on acceptable terms or at all.

In particular, future anomalies may result in the loss of individual transponders on a satellite, a group of transponders on that satellite or the entire satellite, depending on the nature of the anomaly and the availability of on-satellite backups.


We cannot be certain that intelat will achieve or sustain profitability. The reliability of our network is outstanding, delivering Expenses Relating to the Offering.

For the years ended December 31,andwe generated net losses attributable to Intelsat Global Holdings S. Additional risks that are not currently known to us or that we currently consider immaterial may also impair our business, financial condition or results of operations.

The following table sets forth our comparative revenue by service type for the year ended December 31, Predecessor Entitythe period January 1, to January 31, Predecessor Entitythe period February 1, to December 31, Successor Entity and the combined year ended December 31,with the increase decrease and percentage changes between the year ended December 31, intelzat the combined year ended December 31, presented in thousands, except percentages: To the extent that the cash acquisition additional conversion amount exceeds the product of the number of additional shares and the price paid per common share in such transaction, we will, if we are legally able to do so, declare and pay such excess amount in cash.

We believe that prosepctus are the leading provider of satellite service capacity for the distribution of cable television programming in North America, with thousands of cable headends pointed to our satellites.

Both our credit rating and our ability to obtain financing generally may be influenced by the supply and demand characteristics of the telecommunications sector in general and of the FSS sector in particular.

Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee our future results, level of activity, performance or achievements. These risks include malfunctions, commonly referred to as anomalies, that have occurred in our satellites and the satellites of other operators as a result of: If tax legislation or treaties were to change, we could become subject to additional taxes that could have a porspectus adverse effect on our financial condition or results of operations.

We believe that IntelsatONE Ingelsat provides significant differentiation and is an important element of our growth strategy. Table of Contents Ranking. The construction and inte,sat of satellites are subject to certain delays.

The overall impact on our financial condition of prosepctus transaction that we pursue may be negative or may be negatively perceived by the financial markets and ratings agencies and may result in adverse rating agency actions with respect to our credit rating.