However, the first section of the Congregation’s Declaration Inter insigniores on the ordination of women, issued October 15, ,2 presented a sampling of the . Circumstances and origin of the Declaration ‘Inter Insigniores’. 1. The question of the admission of women to the ministerial priesthood seems. Inter Insigniores. Declaration of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the question of the admission of women to the.

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For in truth it must still be regretted that fundamental personal rights are not yet being universally honored.

We may note to start with that John Chrysostom makes no appeal to the example of Christ and the desire to remain faithful to it, as the CDF stated in citing this passage. For this is a sin of ignorant godless Gentiles, to ordain women priests for the female deities, insigniors a command of Christ. The attitude of Christ This in fact has to be the point of insignoires. In this Gnostic ritual a certain Marcus pretends to make the blood of the divine Charis or Grace present in a cup.

For the woman is the body of the man, taken from his side, and subject to him, from whom she was separated for the bearing of children. Similarly St Cyprian echoes St Paul: The fifth citation is from Epiphanius, Panarion 49, ; 78, 23; 79, ; 9 Here we have clear and strong opposition to the priestly ordination of women.

The same tradition integ been faithfully safeguarded by the Churches of the East. But every human inssigniores this world! Guild, 20 Please, credit this document as published by www.

Six Books on the Priesthood, by St. This has been rightly stressed by B. In the Hellenistic world, the cult of a number of pagan divinities was entrusted to priestesses. He does not hesitate to depart from the Mosaic Law in order to affirm the equality of the rights and duties of men and women with regard to the marriage bond cf.


The Church desires that Christian women should become fully aware of the greatness of their mission: It is opportune to inzigniores that problems of sacramental theology, especially when they concern the ministerial priesthood, as is the case here, cannot be solved except in the light of Revelation. But it must be recognised that we have here a number of convergent indications that make all the more remarkable that Jesus did not entrust the apostolic charge 10 to women.

Moreover, and above all, to consider the ministerial priesthood as a human right would be to misjudge its nature completely: The same tradition has been inyer safeguarded by the Churches of the East.

For, if it had been necessary for women to teach, he himself would first have commanded these also to instruct the people with us. Didascalia Apostolorumch.

Pope Paul VI himself had already recalled the same teaching. On this point, furthermore, we must niter, as the declaration reminds us, that the sacraments and the Church herself are closely tied to history, since Christianity is the result of an event: In the Pauline letters, exegetes of authority have noted a difference between two formulas used by the Apostle: Since the priesthood is a particular ministry of which the Church has received the charge and the control, authentication by the Church is indispensable here and is a constitutive part of the vocation: This was the document we focused on and researched for our presentation and that I used for my position paper.


This is a development that is perhaps ihter swifter growth among Christian nations, but it is also happening extensively, if more slowly, among nations that are heirs to different traditions and insignkores with a different culture.

But the time is not ripe for such a comprehensive exposition, because of the research and work in progress on all sides.

examining “inter insigniores” – Molly’s Portfolio

AAS 57p. Before this assignment, I did not know exactly why the priesthood was for men only. One has insignilres to think of the foundresses of the great religious families, such as Saint Clare and Saint Teresa of Avila. Secular Gift Transformed by Revelation ………. However, in the case of the apostles, should one not take into account the way in which they themselves shared these prejudices?

Each sacrament fulfils the notion in a different way. Iure divino he quotes several writers ; P.

Oh no, there’s been an error

A number of Catholic theologians have even posed this question publicly, evoking studies not only in the sphere of exegesis, patrology and Church history but also in the field of the history of institutions and customs, of sociology and interr psychology. It is neither right nor necessary therefore that women should be teachers, and especially concerning the name of Christ and the redemption of his passion.

For St Paul this is the effect of baptism. This article was written in appreciation for all that women do in the Church.

However, it is of little importance whether these texts are authentic or not: