Highly regarded for its exceptional clarity, imaginative and instructive exercises, and fine writing style, this concise book offers an ideal introduction to the. Highly regarded for its exceptional clarity, imaginative and instructive exercises, and fine writing style, this concise book offers an ideal. Book:Bert Mendelson/Introduction to Topology 1 Introduction: 2 Sets and subsets: 3 Set operations: union, intersection, and complement: 4.

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Jonathan Miles rated it it was amazing Jul 17, This book helped me immensely in analysis. Saad Javed rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Oct 25, Kiehl Christie rated it liked it.

Again, great book which I would highly recommend for self-study. Jun 02, Eyad Massarwi rated it really liked it. The tour through metric I’m not mndelson enough of an expert on topology to give this a mejdelson informed review; I can compare this to only to one other topology text but plenty of math books.

Introduction to Topology: Third Edition

The theorems never change, but the wording does, slowly, and this is visible when Mendelson uses terms like identification topology rather than quotient space. In the second chapter Professor Mendelson discusses metric spaces, paying particular attention to various distance functions which may be defined on Euclidean n -space and which lead to the ordinary topology.

Sarthak rated it liked it Jun 02, Excellent resource for learning about topology, although I wasn’t really prepared for several proofs and exercises so it was hard to wrap my mind around some concepts. Sep 19, James rated it liked it.


Introduction to Topology: Third Edition

Jun 24, David rated it really liked it. Mar 18, Eric Regina rated it really liked it Shelves: A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology.

Concepts of Modern Mathematics. Dover editions are nearly always a bargain, and this one is no exception.

Introduction to Topology

Good lord I hate topology. Shape Analysis and Classification: A little dense initially on the important topic mendelsno convergence, but you will get there more quickly than with most other elaborations that I know of up to books t as recent as years ago circa Therefore, I am going to buy another books about this subject and then compare them with this one. Books by Bert Mendelson. The book starts out with a very compact review of set theory no pun intended. This is my first book on Topology, and it’s quite good.

Introduction to Topology – Bert Mendelson – Google Books

This is basic stuff folks! That’s not to say reading it is simple, however; expect to put in some work following the proofs and solving problems if you want to get something out of it.

Introduction to topology, Volume 1 Bert Mendelson Snippet view – Chapters 4 and 5 are devoted to a discussion of the two most important topological properties: Its Content, Methods and Meaning. Jul 11, Jason Evans rated it liked it.


Not unlike several other ‘Intro’ books, there is a rather large amount of pre-req knowledge required. I was expecting something more readable. I actually have the Second Edition, must speak with a librarian or become one to add this and several other ‘older’ books of this standard. Andrew Bartels rated it liked it Dec 14, Third Edition Add to Wishlist.

There are no discussion topolovy on this book yet. The topology content covered is entirely point-set topology, covering the basics of openness, compactness, and connectedness, without moving any deeper. Introduction to Topology Bert Mendelson Limited preview – Account Options Sign in. Good book on it, though. Texts in fields other than math tend to become dated much faster.

Originally conceived as a text for a one-semester course, it is directed to undergraduate students whose studies topoloty calculus sequence have included definitions and proofs of theorems. I had worn myself out on other books dedicated to the subject, and this book provides a clearer, more to-the-point account of basic set theory than any I’ve found in a fifty page introduction, no less! It doesn’t elaborate once an argument or proof is complete, but is quite readable despite its terseness.

PaperbackThird Editionpages.