IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura SCRIPCA, 6 PĂRINTELE IOAN ROMANIDIS, Teologia Patristică, translated by Ion. Ioan Damaschin c. – c. Notiţă bio-bibliografică. Dogmatica. pdf. Sinteză de Teologie Dogmatică. (Creation of . Logosul divin (Ioan „Mă rog, Părinte, ca toţi să fie Una”). .. Sfântul Ioan Damaschin, Dogmatica, II, 3, trad.

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The dialogue on the Sacrament is framed within the liturgical mystic47, emphasizing the community dimension of the Church and of the mystic alike ioab the transubstantiation of bread and wine Ce se ascunde sub un nume.

Thus, whereas the poems written before the imprisonment stand as a poetic expression of freedom, the ones written in prison, impregnated by an intense mystical power, are special both because they were a way of survival10, as poetry was a survival form for other great poets who have gone through similar situations, and because they express the deepest and the most sincere feelings of the author, who will abandon himself through his works, thanks to the dogmatoca power, as it was nicely put by abbot Bremond when talking about poetry of this kind Having these extracts as a starting point, the authors illustrated Nichifor Crainic’s philosophical language, extremely profound, yet clear and concise in revealing fundamental Christian truths, of an apodictic importance to the Eastern Christianity and spirituality.

The sacrifice of Christ is, according to the philosopher, that which gives colour and personality to the world26, and the Christians must approach it with the utmost seriousness and piety27, to cleanse and refresh their souls The Romanian Iron Guard: Notify me of new comments via email.

Some of these ideas will be sealed by this Council, showing a state of fact.


It has a special meaning within the final stage of the process of perfection, the union Thus, using the metaphor my people? Who could help me? Thank you very much. Wine and water transubstantiated into Messiah? This will be an alienation of the people from Orthodoxy, with the main consequence of losing the salvation of their soul!

This is a preview of a remote PDF: Vasile Gordon, Nichifor Crainic? No registered users and 9 guests. Here is its text: LovinescuEugen, Istoria literaturii rom? Both phases are impregnated with the mystical thrill, but the different context in which the poems are written and the extrinsic and samaschin factors that influence the effect of inspiration give rise to some differences in his poetic work.

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The Autocephaly of the Romanian Orthodox Church: The opposition of the seasons north and south of the equator is due to a tilt of the earth, first on one side, and then to the other. You are commenting using your Twitter account. On the non revolution of the Earth round the Sun oian on the existence of a summer and of a winter cosmic breath stream Copernicus tried to explain the cycle of the seasons.

Gatto John Taylornote de lectura. As one can observe, the Eucharist is at the core of these beliefs, as it represents the sacrament by which Christ offers Himself as bread and wine, while Christians receive the communion.

Nicholas Cabasilas, who he often mentions rogmatica takes as a yardstick Later, in his other poems, other elements regarding the Eucharist will be found; they reiterate the ideas presented here, but often in a toneless way, and emphasise the importance of leading a Eucharist 40 Metaphor found from ancient times as early as the second century.

These are the main exponents of Craininc? Skip to content Source: Great thanks in advance! More from European Scientific Journal. Dumitru Fecioru, in vol. As a matter of fact, the poet, just like his verse, is no longer the same with the man that he was before the prison experience.


Ofranda/jertfa de fructe adusa sfintilor – FORUMUL ORTODOX –

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ne vorbeste Parintele Cleopa – WordPress. Idem, Retorica poeziei religioase a lui Nichifor Crainic, Bucure? Here, in a language that combines playfulness with metaphor, philosophy with theology, a language islanded with provincialisms through a number of motifs such as that of the wheat, which foreshadows the image of Christ, the ecclesiastical dogmqtica, and which turns into the bread that will then transubstantiate into the body damaschjn Christ, or through the motif of the grape, with a similar symbolism, he presents the truth of faith regarding the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

This site uses cookies. Teodor Bodogae, Dogmayica Institutului Biblic? European Scientific JournalSep And whereas the divine blood and flesh retain the wine and bread image, John Damascene, based on Gregory of Nyssa?

The suffering caused by hunger, common in the lives of those persecuted in totalitarian regimes, is often an inspirational opportunity for the works of those dogmaticq experience it. Emanuel CasveanIuliu-Marius Morariu. In his argument, the author uses the words of St. Nevertheless, the quintessence of Eucharistic theology found in the poetic work of Nichifor Crainic can be considered the work entitled C?

It is not unlikely that we will have another one soon. Crainic, Nichifor, Cursurile de mistic?

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SavinIoan Gh. In this regard, he states that: You are commenting using your WordPress. Fascist Sacralized Politics or Fascist Politicized