IPC – 4101C PDF

年7月2日 Conformance to IPC Bob Neves President Microtek Labs Benefits of l Industry Consensus Document Written By: – Laminators. IPC covers requirements for wide range of base materials, referred to as laminate or prepreg, to be used primarily for rigid or multilayer printed boards. Slash Sheets. Isola laminate and prepreg materials are certified to IPC or IPC IPC, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multi-layer.

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Ink of non-corrosive types that shall remain legible during normal handling but readily removable prior to fabrication, which will not affect the physical or electrical properties of the base material.

IPC-4101C: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

Similarly, having a particular Keyword in the header section, does not guarantee the acceptability of this material for a speci?

Dielectric Breakdown, minimum 6. When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe percentage of resin content shall be as indicated on the applicable speci? Cladding type R may be substituted for type C, and cladding type S may be substituted for type H.


The lot s code for the material to be certi? Include a feedback system on use and ipd for future improvement Standards Should Not: Bromine With or without inorganic?

IPC – Base Materials, Laminates

If a referee method is required, it shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier. Visual inspection may be carried out under ambient temperature and humidity conditions. The fracture toughness of the base resin system is being recognized as a signi?

Hideo Kato, Nitto Boseki Co. The base thickness shall be measured in accordance with Figure and taken at the closest point between metal claddings see Figure All other foil — composite 2.

Reference information is shown in parentheses. Prepreg parameters to include as a minimum, the resin 4101x precent or treated weight total, resin? The laminator shall produce an assessment of capabilities and sources of veri?

Flammability as laminated 6. Cladding type H can be used for type C and type S can be used for type R.

This Keyword does not suggest that this base 410c cannot be used for double-sided PCBs, as well. The cost associated with reducing this risk varies with the type of veri?

An 4110c for the roughness of the treated side must be added to all values. Arc Resistance, minimum By such action, IPC does not assume any liability to any patent owner, nor do they assume any obligation whatever to parties adopting the Recommended Standard or Publication.


One set of test information for laminate 0. After process solutions C. The user is strongly advised to high-light and click on a speci? Additional test s can be speci?

With or without inorganic? When applicable, the need for marking, location of the marking, information presented in the marking and the type of marking shall be speci? Ordering Data for Laminate Materials There shall be no evidence of resin-starved or 1401c areas.

The working area of a fabricated panel is considered to be the area inside a 13 mm [0. The Test Method 2. Laminate or prepreg base materials shall be considered acceptable if they meet the requirements listed below and in the applicable speci?