INTRODUZIONE. L’iridotomia laser, ossia la creazione di un’apertura a livello dell’iride periferica mediante applicazione laser, è una procedura semplice ed. Yag Laser Iridotomy in angle-closed glaucoma Iridotomia yag laser in paziente con glaucoma ad angolo chiuso Iridotomia yag Laser – Yag Laser Iridotomy in. Objetivo: describir la efectividad de la iridotomía Nd: Yag láser en pacientes con glaucoma por cierre angular primario. Materiales y métodos: se realizó un.

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It is the best technology and process currently available for fundus exams. Application of high power laser light, which generates controlled photocoagulation of the outermost layer of the retina. Corneal scars and degenerations are located accurately and when interpreting the image, the surgeon can plan with more safety the appropriate treatment.

The most common and effective indication is for convergence insufficiency and intermittent divergent strabismus, and the indication is reserved in other cases and analyzed in the ocular motility exam.

Ultra Iridptomia Imaging System. Wavefront aberrations can be used, for example, to quantify the components of irregular astigmatism or simulated views showing how the visual acuity optotypes are seen by the patient with vision correction.

Yag Laser are usually painless. The patient fixes his sight at a central point, keeping it from moving, and through a bell ring informs what is happening.

Iridotomía Yag Laser by Adriana Chirinos on Prezi

We use in our hospital the high definition topographer E, by Medmont. Thus, the sight will be attracted by the stripes and the child will focus their gaze lqser to a limit, observed by the examiner by a central hole, which will determine how much the child sees and if it is within or below the normal range for that age. This system is named Topography Guided Customized Ablation.

The pupil is dilated in advance with eye drops to obtain suitable images.


Exams and Procedures – Sadalla

Suitable for evaluation of visual impairment in genetic yg abnormalities color blindness or acquired ocular abnormalities drug toxicity, among others. These measures will guide the surgical procedure, allowing better planning for the surgeon. Mrs India on Diabetes Awareness! Exam performed to evaluate the whole retina. Exam used to obtain information on the color perception that the person yaag.

Simultaneously provides anterior and posterior corneal curvature measurement topography ; pachymetric mapping; anterior chamber 3D analysis; corneal diameter measurement; anterior chamber angle evaluation; I-S index calculation, which helps in keratoconus diagnosis; corneal and crystalline lens density measurement, and pupil measurement.

Catarata — Saiba mais. It yah an exam indicated for patients with low visual acuity whom will undergo cataract surgery. Ultrasonic Biometry is usually performed when cataract is very advanced and it is not possible to measure by optical biometry.

Iridotomia yag Laser – Yag Laser Iridotomy in Angle Closure glaucoma

Allows separate evaluation of corneal aberrations, internal and total, as well as corneal asphericity. Used for the diagnosis of diseases such as glaucoma, retinal and central nervous system diseases.

This device, manufactured by Zeiss in Germany, increases the accuracy iricotomia calculating the intraocular lens for cataract surgery, using optical interferometry associated with optical coherence tomography OCT to optimize refractive outcomes. The pupil is dilated in advance for suitable treatment. Todos — Saiba mais. Mrs India 2 years ago 26, views. However, this does not mean that all of them ended up with excellent quality of vision, because the conventional Excimer Laser corrects only myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, technically called refractive errors or low-order aberrations.

In laset exam, a probe emits ultrasound waves sounds with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing that reflect echoes uridotomia in contact with the ocular structure of the patient.

Corwave Surveyor for Laser Custom Treatment.

It can also be requested in case of ocular hypertension, papilloedema, papilledema, inflammation of the optic nerve optic neuritishead tumors benign as melanocytoma and malignant as melanoma.


Ultrasound of the Ocular Globe. Generates an image of a virtual sagittal cut of the cornea. The applications of the Nd: The exam is relatively quick total 5 to 10 minutes. Images are scanned into the computer and then printed. Building God’s Kingdom – Homily of Fr.

Todos os direitos reservados. To download video again, simply enter the FB video URL in the input box above and generate the download link by clicking on ‘Download’ button. It is a semiologic method of great importance, always indicated when there is a need to evaluate the internal conditions of the eyeball and orbit.

In a patient who has previously undergone a corneal surgery, OCT allows the surgeon to view the Lasik flap and residual stromal the remaining cornea under the flap lwser measure the exact depth of intracorneal rings inserted in keratoconus patients. Yag Laser LE. Be part of our net and share. It measures objective refraction, and the measured refractive error can be lazer as a reference when prescribing corrective lenses such as glasses and contact lenses.

Treatment is painless, done in an outpatient basis, using anesthetic drops irjdotomia pupil dilation. Exam that provides images of the eye fundus. Topographer Keratron Scout – Optikon Italy.

Photographic record of optic disc or papilla changes.

Lasser — Saiba mais Retina — Saiba mais. It all starts tomorrow The Pointe 14 at B Sunny It is possible to measure the thickness of different locations of the cornea with precision in few microns thousandths of a millimeter.

The test is performed without the pupil dilation and the optical correction glasses or contact lenses when prescribed.