Download Islamic Calendars (), Hijri Calendar (). This is printable Islamic Calendar. Jamadi ul Awwal, Jamadi us Sani CALENDAR HIJRI CHRISTIAN ERA IQRA IS A VOICE OF THE MUSLIM UMMAH. The Islamic, Muslim, or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar .. month. , , 5 . , , 5.

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Dhu l-Hidjdja 9 We: Once the moon is sighted, the new month commences.

Islamic calendar –

Djumada l-Akhira 9 Mo: July 1 Fr: Rabi al-Awwal 17 Th: The first day of the first month of the Islamic calendar 1 Muharram 1 AH was set to the first new moon after the day the Prophet moved from Quba’ to Medina originally 26 Rabi’ I on the pre-Islamic jslamic [23] i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But just two years earlier Libyans had been living through Ramadan 10 We: May – June Rabi al-Akhir 29 Tu: In principle, each Islamic month begins with sighting of the new crescent moon after a New Moon at sunset.


Muharram 10 Sa: Disclaimer All information on IslamicFinder. Djumada l-Ula 16 Sa: Know your Hijri dates!

October 1 Sa: Safar 5 Sa: Ramadan 2 Calencar Shaban 31 Su: Ramadan 31 We: Know that intercalation nasi is an addition to disbelief. Rabi al-Akhir 3 Su: This interpretation was first proposed by the medieval Muslim astrologer and astronomer Abu Ma’shar al-Balkhiand later by al-Biruni[6] [12] al-Mas’udiand some Western scholars.

Djumada l-Ula 14 Th: Ramadan 13 Sa: Ramadan 26 Fr: Muharram 6 Tu: This is frequently made official, with many Muslim countries adopting Friday and Saturday e. Muharram 5 Mo: You can convert Hijri dates to Gregorian and vice versa and change Hijri date settings to adjust and customize your calendar within a few clicks.

Djumada l-Ula 15 Fr: Also means to graze, because cattle were grazed during this month. Babylonian astronomy Egyptian astronomy Hellenistic astronomy Indian astronomy.

Dhu l-Hidjdja 15 Ilamic Shawwal 3 Sa: The Arabs, according to one explanation mentioned by Abu Ma’shar, learned of this type of intercalation from the Jews.


Those who disbelieve are led to error thereby, making it lawful in one year and forbidden in another in order to adjust the number of the months made sacred by God and make the sacred ones permissible.

Islamic calendar 2011

Rabi al-Awwal 19 Sa: Dhu l-Kada 3 Mo: Rabi al-Awwal 4 Fr: Djumada l-Akhira 3 Fr: Ramadan 18 Th: Ramadan 27 Sa: Among these twelve months four are sacred, namely, Rajab, which stands alone, and three others which are consecutive.

Ramadan 8 Mo: Shaban 17 Su: Muharram 4 Tu: In this calendar system, lunar months begin precisely at the time of the monthly “conjunction”, when the Moon is located most directly between the Earth and the Sun.

Radjab 14 Tu: