Sketchpad was an innovative system developed in by Ivan Sutherland as part of his PhD thesis. It is a tribute to Sketchpad’s uniqueness that it defined a. The Sketchpad system makes it possible for a man and a computer to converse rapidly through the medium of line drawings. Heretofore, most interaction. Sketchpad: Sketchpad, the first interactive computer-graphics program. Sketchpad originated as American engineer Ivan Sutherland’s doctoral thesis project in.

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Computer science, the study of computers, including their design architecture and their uses for computations,….

Sketchpad ran on the Lincoln TX-2 computer, an innovative machine designed in it had a large amount of memory for its time: If you have any suggestions please post it as a comment below or contact me via the About page. Robot Draftsman was a revolutionary computer program written by Ivan Sutherland in in the course of his PhD thesis, for which he received the Turing Award inand the Kyoto Prize in The s fashion was a fun era.

Sketchpad – Inventing Interactive

Sketchpad has shown the most usefulness as an aid to the understanding of suhherland, such as the notion of linkages, which can be described with sutherlanx. He was immersed in learning sutuerland he was young. When Sutherland had finished with it, it had to be reconverted to run in batch mode again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sketchpad was able to do just this, creating highly precise drawings, and also introduced important innovations such as memory structures to store objects and the ability to zoom in and out.


He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, as well as the National Academy of Sciences among many other major awards. Unlike earlier computer applications, which were batch oriented, Sketchpad was interactive.

Sutherland received the Turing Award from the Association for Computing Machinery in sutherlannd the invention of Sketchpad. Contact our editors with your feedback. He introduced concepts such as 3-D computer modeling, visual simulations, computer aided design CADvirtual reality, etc. The main idea was to have master drawings which one could instantiate into many duplicates.

It was, in a way, the first personal computer, albeit one that took up an entire building. Browse by Decades s s s s s s s s s s s. Computer, device for processing, storing, and displaying information. For example, the graphical user interface GUI was derived from the Sketchpad as well as modern sutherlajd oriented programming.

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CAD software – history of CAD CAM

Possibly of even greater significance and sadly almost ignored in the CAD software market in the 40 years since Ivan Sutherland published his thesis, Ivn proved that computers can be used not just for engineering and repetitive drafting but can be used interactively by designers and potentially artists in the concept creation and innovation stage of a product’s lifecycle.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. TX-2 was an “on-line” computer at that time most computers would run “batches” of jobs and were not interactiveused to investigate the use of Surface Barrier transistors for digital circuits.

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With the constraint system, it was possible to loosely sketch a shape, then add geometric and topological relationships to modify it into the exact shape you needed. But in the 20th century, a lobotomy became a legi Intogether with his student Bob Sproull, Sutherland created the first virtual reality and augmented reality head-mounted display system, named The Sword of Damocles.


Ivan Sutherland’s PhD thesis was reprinted in under the title ” Sketchpad: The TX-2 had twice the memory capacity of the largest commercial machines and impressive programmable capabilities.

Sketchpad – Wikipedia

It was, in a sugherland, the first personal computer, albeit one that took up an entire building. His favorite subject in high school was geometry, saying that “…if I can picture possible solutions, I have a much better chance of finding the right one. Sketchpad was the sytherland program ever to utilize a complete graphical user interface. Ivan Sutherland demonstrated with it that computer graphics could be used for both artistic and technical purposes in addition to showing a novel method of human-computer interaction.

Sketchpad drawings are stored in the computer in a specially designed “ring” structure.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Skdtchpad, Sketchpad was surprisingly interactive. It differed from most contemporary computers, in that it was designed to test human-computer interaction.

Sketchpad of Ivan Sutherland: This Amazing Footage Shows What CAD Looked Like 55 Years Ago!

Sketchpad even allowed the visual display of constraints on screen, using icons symbols to represent each type. Next Sketching in Code. Using a light pen, users could draw directly on the screen.

Sutherland contribution is not the revolutionary Sketchpad, however. Since the conditions can involve anything computable, Sketchpad can be used for a very wide range of problems.