Here’s a review of the new book. First off, unfortunately, they’re sold out. Le bummer. But, I would bet they make more eventually as they tend to. Craftworld Iyanden is one of the major Eldar Craftworlds. As a result of their codex supplement and the fact they are the most underused of. Find great deals for Iyanden a Codex Eldar Supplement Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Now, being fair some of his rules and equipment are at the moment far more tame than usual. It contains 32 pages of new, rich and expanded background detailing craftworld Iyanden, along with original art, box-outs, a timeline, and iconography of Ghost Warrior houses.

So yes, this means that every instance of the eldar coming to protect their old secrets, ruins, or even exodites is something only Iyanden or Beil-Tan would do. Lists with This Book. After more than a decade of collaborative effort shaping Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40, universes, Matthew now crafts stories in interconnected worlds of his own design.

They need to get this written as close to perfection as humanly possible. Those relevant specifically to 40K in general, making Iyanden an individual force and making it a distinct army to field.

Apparently he was so aware of this that the two craftworlds have now always been in a millennia old super-special-awesome-friends-forever alliance to do this.

Despite having little details beyond the one event which defined their current diminished state, Crimson Fist syndrome as it’s been nicknamed, Iyanden was suggested to be a unique force.

Still, this is only part of the book. In addition to this it comes with warlord traits, wargear and psychic powers to help transform your Eldar collection into a mighty Iyanden warhost. Privacy sipplement About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

One which has been near universally lauded and highly regarded in terms of both rules and background. I think it will be a nice way to ease back into the game with some great new models after a hiatus since mid-5th edition.

What does this iyanedn mean? The strategically shaved ape. Ads by Project Wonderful!


Your ad here, right now: Older codices did have these but it was usually only one or two per book at most, not the vast majority of its content. While that edition might have had many, many problems the build-up to the Battle of Iyanden is easily one of its best parts.

You got the speed there the foot wraith lists lack, but at the cost of bodies. It has very little which is appealing, few proper rules, very HQ specific items and improvements and only a handful of good ideas. Andrea Buzzegoli added it Feb 22, As a result, Craftworld Iyanden is forced to rely heavily on Wraith constructs to keep them afloat in combat, and half of the ones alive are probably Bonesingers.

Is Ward the brother-in-law ledar someone high up in the company? Due to its resiliency, it will hopefully also allow me suppleent make a few mistakes as I grasp the new rules. This is the first major supplement of its type. This is just how the book starts.

Plastic Krak: Eldar & the Iyanden Supplement – What does the future hold?

It features a showcase of glorious Citadel miniatures presenting the colour schemes and iconography of the Iyanden craftworld. Then again Eldar failing to realize how outclassed they are by Space Marines is a common thing. They didn’t need more than that and even then they barely got used. A problem not helped by having only one scenario for fighting tau, one for other craftworld eldar don’t ask etc.

For thousands upon thousands of years, the Eldar of Iyanden have sailed through the sea of stars, defending the galaxy’s eastern rim from the threat of Chaos. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It adds nothing to their overall story and is barely commented upon for the rest of the book beyond simple bragging.

There is some good writing and backstory in this, but it is not as well executed as the latest Eldar codex. Fortifying the entire craftworld, they summoned the Avatar, awakened all of their wraith units and prepared effectively the world’s entire populace for war.

For the twenty days they had prior to its arrival they prepared for a vast conflict, gathering every ship and soldier they could to press into the world’s defence.


Iyanden a Codex Eldar Supplement 1782531076

One who most recently A Succeeded in an act of massive character assassination by turning the High Elves into the Ultrameri Ald meri Dominion and B Tried to make the Wood Elves irreverent by giving effectively all their traits and attributes to one optional High Elf Army.

Out of the one-hundred-and-ten pages, how many do you supplemetn actually focus upon special rules, army stats and items. Rather than having a iyaanden hundred million of their kind in total, apparently the more prominent craftworlds now have a bigger populace than the average Imperial planet. The Seer Council is suspicious of the Ynnari, but that’s mainly because they don’t want people to abandon an already critically underpopulated craftworld to join a bunch of nomads.

Iyanden – A Codex: Eldar Supplement

Attila Chiovini rated it it was amazing Mar 16, It should also be difficult to get victory points from First Blood or Slay the Warlord. Skip to main content.

The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. Having been playing 40K since earlyI’ve seen few games actually make real use of the special scenarios. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Even if you tried to substitute the one army for another, you’re repeatedly going to run into the problem of scenario specific rules designed for eldar and tyranids.

Lore There’s no easy way to structure this, so let’s just go through each problem one at a time: Pages upon pages devoted to Cities of Death rules, scenarios and stuff trying to get you to buy other Games Workshop books.

With the spilling of the Warp brought about by the Fall of Cadia Iyanden found itself once more beset by Chaos Forces, this time three Hulks infested with Nurgle Daemons.