Here’s a review of the new book. First off, unfortunately, they’re sold out. Le bummer. But, I would bet they make more eventually as they tend to. Craftworld Iyanden is one of the major Eldar Craftworlds. As a result of their codex supplement and the fact they are the most underused of. Find great deals for Iyanden a Codex Eldar Supplement Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Rather than having a few hundred million of their kind in total, apparently the more prominent craftworlds now have a bigger populace than the average Imperial planet. While you will get a few devoted to certain scenarios and ideas for games which serve as a break from the norm, many will just stick with the few listed in the rulebook. Iyanden is designed work alongside the rules found in Codex: This is the price excluding shipping and handling fees a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past.

How does this book handle it? It contains 32 pages of new, rich and expanded background detailing craftworld Iyanden, along with original art, box-outs, a timeline, and iconography of Ghost Warrior houses. One which has been near universally lauded and highly regarded in terms of both rules and background.

I think it will be a nice way to ease back into the game with some great new models after a hiatus since mid-5th edition. Craftworld Iyanden is one of the major Eldar Craftworlds.

point Iyanden Eldar (from the supplement) – Forum – DakkaDakka

That last detail is the real crux of the problem here. Abhinav marked it as to-read Jun 30, For the twenty days they had prior to its arrival they prepared for a vast conflict, gathering every ship and soldier they could to press into the world’s defence.

Things were going well and the two fucked Chaos ‘ shit up, even gaining new allies: Yet Iyanden endures, with the souls of the departed fighting alongside the few who have survived. I think the army covers all requirements, as it has resilient, mobile scoring units and the plethora of wraithcannons should be able to take out anything they focus on.


Lore There’s no easy way to structure this, so let’s just go through each problem one at a time: It also goes without saying that it’s pretty bad. Perhaps that was the supplemsnt they remembered that this chapter had killed a being that could wipe out an entire Craftworld with a thought.

Also, the league doesn’t allow allies, so suppement makes things a bit simpler. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.

Taddow rated it really liked it May 03, They didn’t need more than that and even then they barely got used. After more than a decade of collaborative effort shaping Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40, universes, Matthew now crafts stories in interconnected worlds of his own design.

Then you have the Spear of Teuthlas yes, Arienal’s special weapon a singing spear which is range 18″ S9 AP – with rending, fleshbane, armourbane and everything you’d ask for to up and murder something quickly.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to gauge distances properly and disembark from the serpent, then run and hit an enemy unit with the wraithcannons. The Invaders chapter destroyed Idharae and the Doom of Malan’tai as well.

Now, being fair some of his rules and equipment are at iyyanden moment far more tame than usual. Countless billions were slain, whole bloodlines and families lost forever; the living were outnumbered many times over by the dead. Iyaanden only get worse from here, usually every time Ward tries to actually expand upon things mentioned on these pages.

Together, the living and the dead must fight for their race’s survival in a galaxy riven by war. So you can throw an Autarch at a group of gaunts with some Striking Scorpions and have the guy walk out with a weapon between S7 and 10 if you’re lucky. As if Ward was desperate for his army to garner sympathy after his efforts to present them as arrogantly stupid, Beil-Tan abandons them. Now all of that up there?


The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, eldat item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. That being said there is nothing to stop gamers from substituting the Iyanden armies for different ones and tinkering with house rules!

Iyanden lost all its buddies as the Ybaric Cluster was isolated by a warp storm. I’m more of a fan of the barebones knight, those two shots from the hwc sound good enough to me to iyandem with. Yet Iyanden endures, with the souls of the departed fighting alongside the few who have survived.

Iyanden – A Codex: Eldar Supplement

This isn’t to say that every rule needs to be complex or some intelligence test, but these like many in the book are simply bland. See details for additional description. Well written enough to accept the limited availability, some of the problems behind the idea and a writer who can take advantage of the additional space.

What upgrades do you think should be taken with the remaining points? Iyandeb are no new units, however Matt Ward has made some minor rule and army list changes to the Spplement Codex.

First Ward removes any excuse of unfamiliarity by claiming that Iyanden had fought the tyranids before that point. As with the last headscratching moment, this has been done for little reason and will ultimately add nothing to the book nor mythos as a whole. A rule which allows a player to declare a wraithknight or wraithlord to be a Warlord without having them take up an HQ slot.

Two pages of xupplement which seems to have either been written by Ward bored out of his skull or determined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Matthew lives near Nottingham with his extremely patient wife and three attention-seeking cats.