Excelling at Chess has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Alberto said: A fun read, but not much here that will actually help you excel at chess. The other books. Sep 24, Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series. LastImpression. Sep 20, #1. Does anyone here have an opinion of the aagaard series? I believe there are 6 books in. Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard. Excelling at Chess Jacob Aagard; pages; Everyman Chess, I can’t recall an example, although I imagine that .

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While Gelfand works diligently to break down the logic of his best moves — his 11…Ra6!!

Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series

Dynamics involves the ephemeral in chess. I give a philosophic basis for preferring the bishop aagaadd in certain positions, and suggest that the rule is of doubtful value as the basis for playing the opening today. Aagard disagrees strenuously with my comments. Note too that ‘concrete calculation’ doesn’t mean just lining up moves in your head.

Muhammad Kamalsyah rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Paperbackpages. Please try again later. Newer Post Older Post Home. Maybe the differential factor is that you divide your work into a lot more chapters than Dvoretsky, hence the steep wall you find at the end of the chapter is not that frustrating in your case.

This site uses cookies. Puzzle 2 destroyer 10 min ago. Sit around any game and the kibitzers will tell you you should have done this, you could have done that. But yes, Attacking Manual 1 and Attack and Defence definitely work together as a pair.


I like the author’s perspective about chess, particularly his focus on the concept of non-forcing moves. I am also currently going through Amateurs Mind right now. Before you can think, you need to learn how to see 2.

The Week in Chess

Where in the Yusupov series would you insert Chess tactics from scratch, Mating the castled king and Chess structures. In general, I prefer to receive them on the blog, so my answers can be seen by anyone who is interested, so they can work out for themselves which direction is right for them.

All of them are incredibly hard to follow, and in particular the GM Repertoire books are just tomes. Aagard has an engaging jaacob that comes across in the pages.

When posting positions, title them appropriately – White to move and win, What’s the best line for black? Would find the Silman books fxcelling approachable by a general audience.

Here, in my 7th round gameI had the White pieces, and my opponent had just played his 32nd move. Aagard tries to interpret this for himself and comes up with: The title suggests that this book could assist the aspiring player to learn what it takes to really Excel at Chess. That would be awesome… Matt. It took me two months to grind through the first chapter of Calculation, following Aagaard’s advice of taking at least 30 minutes for each chsss sometimes more.


But wait, there’s more: Capitalising on tactical chances. In this book Jacob Aagaard identified the key factors that separate the very strong players from the rest. Thaddeus rated it really liked it Feb 06, CalculationEndgame Playand Attack and Defence are progressively more complex, and Strategic Play is rightfully said to be fiendishly difficult.

Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series – Chess Forums –

I have mountains of ideas floating around in my head but which ones should come to the fore, and when? In studying the nature of our decision making and considering our specific strengths and weaknesses aagaxrd players Chapter 3we can try to locate and correct our personal weaknesses.

The quick answer is no. When calculating, one ought to first calculate wide, not deep. Aagaarrd I went through this book I felt confident in my ability to calculate in endgames.

Subscribe to comments feed. Ultimately, I wouldn’t have changed much with this book.