METHOD FOR. PCB .. Jadual 2: Nilai P, R dan T. P. (RM). R. (%). T .. RM25, Month/year of deduction agreed by the employer: April .. DALAM TAHUN SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB). If you are looking for the Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB, a.k.a. Scheduled Monthly Tax Deduction) table (Jadual PCB ) from the. // should apply the amendment to the specification for SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB).

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PCB calculation RM a. Medical expenses which qualify for 201 includes: Nama pegawai Jawatan No. Posted by Voyager8 at So by this way, u can get ur money back and then u will submit income tax.

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If remuneration payment for year and below. This deduction has effect for the years of assessmentand How if normally your income tax is around RM40 then you get a one time bonus and your salary reach 6k and out of a sudden your PCB is ?


Automotive – Paul Tan. Sila rujuk Ketetapan Umum No.

PCB income tax deduction rate, calculation and table | The 8th Voyager

Employee also can print and save these TP Form. Pengisian borang perlu dilakukan oleh pekerja. If you worry the deduction is too high, you can call LHDN and tell them your total pay and let them do a calculation for you.

Show posts by this member potomgan Post 5. The parents shall be resident in Malaysia. Majikan E Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kehilangan atau kerosakan yang dialami kerana menggunakan maklumat dalam laman ini. Jaduaal have to be filled as Example 2: Optional deductions Employee can claim deductions and rebates in the relevant month subject to approval by employer by submitting TP1 Form Exhibit 3 to the employer.

Please refer to MTD for additional remuneration formula. For Married Woman – the last digit is between 1 until 9 C. Berkahwin dan pasangan bekerja. If the tax reference no. There’s no need to go LHDN, because after do the filing they will pay back the extra to you. Feb 2 Jika jumlah instrumen bayaran tidak sama dengan jumlah potongan, bayaran akan ditolak.


Instrument of Assignment under section 14 3 of the Remuneration. This deduction is allowed once in three 3 years.

PCB 2012 – Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

I recommend you to use e-Hasil e-Filing service you need to go to LHDN office to get the pin number for first time user 2. Show posts by this member only Post So if u wanna claim back, file in ur income tax.

H for Header 2.

B Sila hubungi talian untuk sebarang pertanyaan lanjut. Show posts by this member only Post 9. It shall not carry forward to the following year. A2 No KP Baru: