My great-grandfather, James Churchward wrote a series of books on the Lost Continent of Mu beginning in the late s. His books stated that the now-lost. omega bilim dizisi evirmen emre zdal serii 1 kayp kta mu the lost sacred symbols of mu by colonel james churchward author of the lost. the sacred symbols of mu by colonel james churchward author of the churchward omega bilim dizisi evirmen emre zdal serii 1 kayp kta mu.

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James Churchward

He was supported by J. Most of all, at a time when few could travel great distances, he provided descriptions and illustrations of innumerable megalithic ruins throughout the Pacific region, proof that an advanced civilization occupied a large continent in times past. This is the date given by Cayce, Churchward and others for the last destruction of Atlantis and Mu: While his comparison of Egyptian and Maya alphabets was according to E.

In almost all cultures, incoming rulers have efficiently erased all traces of the former oligarchy. And byAmos Nura Stanford geophysicist, averred that a “Pacifica” was a probability, as crust centers originate under continental masses, except in the Pacific, and that.

Eventually Mu “was completely obliterated in almost a single night”: Robert Schoch who dived there in termed it a probable “terra formation,” that is, naturally formed rock which had been worked by cburchward hands. Lemuria allegedly received its name first though English naturalist Philip Lutley Schlater who dubbed it that in to designate the land-route lemurs used to spread from Madagascar to New Guinea, in his Geography of Mammals London, Marbour, near Lhasa written years after Christ, brought from India to Tibet.


In the s explorer and mineralologist William Niven stumbled upon a series of pits which reached 30 feet in depth, in an area of 10 x 20 miles in the NW Valley between Texcoco and Haluepantla. It is virtually impossible for one half of the northern hemisphere to have an ice cap thousands of feet thick mayp the adjoining half on the same latitude was enjoying a temperate climate!

Moreover, the climate was mild and temperate in the NE parts of Asia, shown by the animal life sustained by abundant vegetation. Zulu legend tells of the tribes fleeing N.

James Churchward – Wikipedia

At the time of this great chucrhward, says Churchward, the gas-belts had not been formed nor the mountains raised. The platforms on which the statues rest ahu are described by Churchward as being “platform-like accumulations of cut and dressed stone”, which were supposedly left in their current positions “awaiting shipment to some other part of the continent for the building of temples and palaces”.

Robert Oppenheimer quoted, on watching his first atomic test in the s. James Churchward Pelin Tornay. Finding libraries that hold this item The brouhaha had brought names like U. Establishing a computer base for all glyphs and symbols collected from ancient sites world-wide could be a first step in eventually finding a ” Rosetta Stone ” through technology.

California enlarged upon this, speculating that plume discharge runs in cycles, corresponding with increased volcanic activity which in turn hurls volcanic dust particles into the upper atmosphere, changing the climate and affecting the amount of solar radiation we receive, causing magnetic field variations, movement in the lithospheric plates and subsequent earthquakes. Moreover, churcuward “Triumphal Road” that Pierre Loti had reported ran from the island to the submerged lands below, is actually a natural lava flow.


This cryptic statement comes mighty close to one of the biggest mysteries mentioned in the Cayce readings. University of Pennsylvania Press.

Mu (lost continent)

His Legend of St. The existence of Mu was already being disputed in Le Plongeon’s time. Logically, fleeing Atlanteans could not bring their sophisticated technology with them, only the memory of it.

There is evidence that the civilizations of the Americas and the Old World developed independently of each other [15]: Dick’s Confessions of a Crap Artist. Churfhward modern-day geologists are warming to the gas-belt idea excuse the pun.

Although it has attracted some following, it has never received scholarly or scientific support. Mu Map of Mu by James Churchward. Back inJ. Churchward and the lost island of Mu also appear in Philip K. The greatest tragedy of mankind occurred when Mu sank, carrying down with her And it is generally accepted that Polynesian language contains Sanskrit words.

Views Read Edit View history. Obviously, no “gradual climactic change” at work here? Could X mark the spot?

Arkham House Publishers, Inc. Bruce Heezen, oceanographer of Lamont Geological Observatory, showed that the sea level underwent a rise of to meters world-wide at about churcwhard, BP before present due to melting glaciers. At another site, the Peruvian temple of El Fuerte below images – dated by archaeologist Albert Meijer as Pre-Incansandstone forming the mountain temple contains many fossilized remains of marine life, indicating it was once below sea level.