Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Apr 1, , Muthi’ Ikawati and others published Ekstrak Air Jamur Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum (Leysser) Karsten). Besides as a cause of tree disease, Ganoderma is also a medicine for human health. Ganoderma used as medicine is Ganoderma lucidum. This fungus. Jamur Ganoderma lucidum (dikenal juga dengan nama Ling Zhi di China, atau disebut sebagai Mannetake/Reishi di Jepang) telah dimanfaatkan secara luas.

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Ganoderma – Wikipedia

Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products 4 3: It is said to absorb the gahoderma vapors and to leave a heavenly atmosphere. According to Stuart and Smith. The lingzhi mushroom is a polypore mushroom belonging to the genus Ganoderma. Previously, this taxon was characterized as Boletus lucidus Curtis and then Polyporus lucidus Curtis Fr.

When fresh, the lingzhi is soft, cork-like, and flat. Cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum in sawdust bags. The fruit bodies typically grow in a fan-like or hoof-like form on the trunks of living or dead trees. It suggests that G. It was once thought that Ganoderma lucidum generally occurred in two growth forms: It is a [ ruicao ] felicitous plant.

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms. Archived from the original on 31 August View a machine-translated version of the German article. The Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam suffered rot from Ganoderma applanatum before it blew over in In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.


Comparison with traditional taxonomic characters. Its form is likened to that of coral. You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. However, recent molecular evidence has identified the former, stalkless, form as a distinct species called G. List of plants gaonderma in herbalism.

Depending on the age of the mushroom, the pores on its underside may be white or brown. There is anecdotal references of higher primates consuming this fungus for self-medication. Petter Adolf Karsten named the genus Ganoderma in Enumeratio Boletinarum et Polyporarum Fennicarum systemate novo dispositorum. Effect jamug Ganodenna lucidum polysaccharides on T cell subpopulations and production of interleukin 2 in mixed lymphocyte response.

Lingzhi mushroom

Renditions include “[zhi] possessed of soul power”, [24] “Herb of Spiritual Potency” or “Mushroom of Immortality”, [1] “Numinous Mushroom”, [22] “divine mushroom”, [25] “divine fungus”, [26] “Magic Fungus”, [14] and “Marvelous Fungus”. The fruiting bodies are perennial, and may persist for multiple years, increasing in size and forming new layers of pores as they grow.

New Enzymes for Biopulping”. Lingzhi is now commercially manufactured and sold. Phylogenetic analysis using DNA sequence information have helped to clarify our understanding of the relationships amongst Ganoderma species.

In addition to the transliterated loanword, English names include “glossy ganoderma” and “shiny polyporus”. A Cochrane database review found insufficient evidence to justify the use of G. Only two or three out of 10, such aged trees will have lingzhi growth, and therefore its wild form is extremely rare. Ganodermaa genus of polypore fungi in the family Ganodermataceaeincludes about 80 species, many from tropical regions.


They have double-walled, truncate spores with yellow to brown ornamented inner layers.

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There has been significant research interest on the ajmur enzymes of Ganoderma species for industrial ganodema, such as biopulping. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is part of a species complex that encompasses several fungal species. The genus was named by Karsten in They can grow on both coniferous and hardwood species.

Retrieved from ” https: Revue mycologique, Toulouse in Latin. Keywords Begomovirus DAS-ELISA Nilaparvata lugens PCR banana biological control induced resistance jagung liquid smoke melon morfologi morphology musuh alami natural enemies obituari obituary parasitism resistance tomato ganodefma virulensi.

It is specially used in hemorrhage from the bowels and prolapse of the rectum. The process is sometimes repeated to increase the concentration. University of California Press. Phytochemistry 3 2 2: Its red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap gives it a distinct appearance. They also found that G.