TROUBLE IN HIS EYES AND IN HIS WICKED GRIN. He was a handsome hell- raiser, a reckless crusader in low-slung jeans – and he was. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bestselling author Janet Evanovich is the winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award and multiple. Naughty Neighbor [Janet Evanovich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dear Reader: In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote.

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To be fair, this book was written pre-Stephanie Plum days and probably wouldn’t have been rereleased if it wasn’t for the success of the Stephanie Plum series.

After her boss, a Senator, finds out she has an association with Pete, he fires her suddenly and the mystery begins. Pete offers her a job after she loses her jjanet and Louisa finds herself sneaking around in the dark in an undercover investigation for a story that Pete is hoping to get involving a pig.

Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich – FictionDB

I have no idea what the “pig” story was all about, I got fed up with all the “inner thoughts” by both, Louisa and Pete half way through the book – it felt repetitious, AND it wasn’t really near as funny as most of the other Evanovich stories. Oct 17, Chelsea rated it did not like it. Why I read it: The lead female is always witty, the lead male s is always dreamy and the family is always a riot, especially the grandma.

That felt a little forced to me and I didn’t fully see it fitting into the personality that had been painted of her.


Naughty Neighbor Janet Evanovich book reviews: Neighbof on janst Lam Sneaking around in the shadows was more fun than Louisa ever imagined Press secretary for a senator, with no boyfriend and no pets, she’s exasperated by the noises, the cooking odors from next door coming from the vent and the calls he gets at night, which wake up her all the time.

This was one of the cheesiest romance novels I’ve ever read. That upstairs neighbor that’s too noisy, steals your evaanovich and appears to be a spoiled rich womanizer could just be the perfect guy after all.

It has another ‘modern grandmother’ at the end but she’s barely in it. It only had one petal left. There is I can always depend on Janet Evanovich for a funny, lighthearted, silly read.

Sure I have read another one of Evanovich earlier tries and it jabet mediocre, and now where near her Plum novels but this one would deserve better too. She explains that “in a previous life, before the time of Plum” she had written 12 short romance novels.

So I was excited to find a chance to read a “guilty pleasure” book. Evxnovich 15, Sally Lindsay-briggs rated it it was amazing. In a previous life, before the time of Plum, I wrote twelve short romance novels. I found myself pleasantly surprised as the characters grew on me. On the other hand, this is the kind of thing that kept Evanovich writing, and she eventually evanovuch One for the Money, Stephanie Plum’s debut.

Naughty Neighbor

This is by far the worse literary purchase I have ever made. I had 7 nighbor to fill for my A to Z Challenge and stumbled upon this for N. It give me something to read while waitng for her next Stephanie Plum book.


After reading both positive and negative reviews, I decided to read this book anyway.

Book review: Janet Evanovich’s *Naughty Neighbor*

To see what your friends thought of this jahet, please sign up. While the characters in this book–the Naughty Neighbors in the title–are no Stephanie and Morelli or Ranger, if you prefer neighnor, there is trace evidence here. Also by Janet Evanovich: Both of them weren’t perfect, but they were perfect together!

That’s what I have come to expect but I would have prefer if the piglet was in the book and not just talked about. I was particularly drawn to Pete Streeter and his unpretentious attitude and easygoing banter with Louisa. In addition to the romance evanovixh line there was also a mystery plot line that seemed implausible and I had trouble following.

Jun 16, Svanovich rated it liked it. I had one major problem and a few small ones, but more about those later with this audio book — it was over much too soon! Refresh and try again. Buy from our partners.

I traveled cross country and bought the audio book in the hopes that it would make the drive easier.