Jannatul Baqi (Garden of Heaven) is the main cemetery of Madinah. Buried here are many members of the Prophet’s (pbuh) close family. Jannat al-Baqi – ° panoramic virtual tour – experience Jannat al-Baqi as if you’ re there!. All reviews buried here family members burial ground stark reminder close family prophet muhammad fajr prayer humbling experience visit this place their lives.

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Why are women not allowed in Jannatul Baqi? He was beloved son of prophet saw.

Mazaraat Map of Jannat ul Baqi. (Urdu + English) | Haq Baat

According to some scholars what is happening in Hijaz is actually a conspiracy plotted by the Jews against Islam, under the guise of Tawheed.

Just a walk distance from the said masjid. Surely this Sajdah was not the one which is reserved for Allah, rather one of love and respect to the Khalifa of Allah.

Thus, did al-Baqi become a well-known place of great historic significance to all Muslims. In Cairo, the celebrations janhatul for five days. He writes about its white walls, golden slender minarets and green fields.

We can see that even Hazrat Yaqub, a Prophet himself performed this prostration alongwith his sons, to Hazrat Yusuf. Also Baqi’ was introduced as somewhere which bwqi east side is Nakhl and its west side there are houses.

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Sketch of Jannatul Baqi and the Graves of the members of the Ahl al-Bayt

At the farthest end of al-Baqi is the grave of the caliph Uthman, with a small dome over it, and there, next to it, is the grave of Fatima bint Asad, mother of Ali b. Why in particular, are these so-called Muslims so anxious to wipe away the traces of Aal-e-Muhammad, the Ahle Bait of the Prophet???


It should be noted that their destructive aims were accomplished only after many Muslims were martyred in the skirmishes.

These form our symbolic and material bonds to the pure remembrance of these divine personalities As you enter, the first grave you see on your left is that of Safiya, the Prophet’s aunt, and further still is the grave of Malik bin Anas, the Imam of Madina.

Nearly seven thousand companions of the Holy Prophet s were buried there, not to mention those of the Ahlul Bayt a. Bsqi dispatched Qaaz al-Quzzaah Sulaiman b, Bulaihar so that he could obtain the desired rulings from the scholars of Madinah.

Therefore, in the first place, these ruins of al-Baqi identify and expose the hypocrates and the black-sheep amongst the Muslim ranks, snatching away the masks from their faces and revealing their true intentions and feelings of hatred for Islam and its heritage A place to reflect the dead or soon we will be dead.

Where are all those champions and “defenders” of the Sahaaba? Women not allow inside the Baqi. Abdul Wahhab as they deemed other Muslims as disbelievers and polytheists and considered Mecca and Madinah as House janbatul War and House of Disbelief which they redeemed after gaining control over it. In order to honour Uthman ibn Affan, Muawiyah included the huge Jewish graveyard into al-Baqi cemetery. Why has there always been jajnatul opposition group, anxious to martyr the grandson of the Ma, anxious to demolish their cemetries, anxious to wipe away their traces???


Whenever I stepped into this Place where most of the Muslim fighters matry here.

TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Reviewed 3 weeks ago Grave beside the Nabawi Mosque. After a century and a half, the famous traveller Ibn Batuta came to describe al-Baqi in a way which does not in any way differ from the description given by Ibn Jubair. There are few graves which are still recognizable in Baqi. Finally, in AH, jannatkl somehow emerged victorious in Taif where jannagul spilled the innocent blood of Muslims.

Jannatul Baqi, Medina

His head lies at the feet of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, and both graves are raised high above the ground, their walls are panelled with yellow plates and studded with beautiful star-shaped nails. An even greater cause for concern is the fact that this bzqi virtually rules the “Islamic kingdom” and heads the Ummah??? Building a structure over graves has been collectively prohibited in traditions.

The scholars of Madinah, out of fear and greed replied to Sulaiman ibn Bulaihar as stated below:.