Javier Urcid of Brandeis University, Waltham with expertise in: Biological Anthropology and Archaeology. Read 22 publications, and contact Javier Urcid on. Javier Urcid is a anthropology professor at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Review Javier Urcid’s ratings by students and parents. Javier Urcid is the author of Zapotec Hieroglyphic Writing ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Their Way of Writing ( avg rating.

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Los Angeles County Museum, Profile Teaches archaeology and studies the development of ancient complex societies in Mesoamerica: Vicente Cruz and Gonzalo A. Urcid, Javier and Ismael G. Urcid is so nice, and cracks anthro jokes like calling people “sharp as a sacrificial knife”.

Universidad de las Americas, M. Royal Ontario Museum, forthcoming Urcid, Javier.

University Press of Colorado – Javier Urcid

We’re all counting on you. This class made me sure that I had chosen the right major for me. I learned very little from this class, we barely had enough field time. About javie faculty, staff, alumni and students attended.


Rate This Professor Share. Did I walk into the same room as everybody else?

Javier Urcid named Jane’s Chair Professor of Latin American Studies

Nelly Robles and Ivan Rivera. Urcid, Javier, and Sebastian van Doesburg.

Level of Difficulty 3. He can be confusing at times, and the class can seem really hard, but if you stick with it he will stick with you. Overall, I found his class and teaching style to be redundant and outdated. Once deleted, we can’t bring it back.

No ratings found — view all ratings for this professor. Beatriz de la Fuente and Ma. Jane’s Chair of Latin Urcd Studies Kevin Kelly ’82 has established the Shirley E.

Elizabeth Boone and Gary Urton. No Would Take Again: Universidad del Istmo, Urcid, Javier with Arthur Joyce.

CMRAE – Javier Urcid

Really great guy, very interested in this topic writing systems and scribal traditions which makes class and lectures that much more interesting. Urcid is obviously very passionate about the javir but he was not a good teacher for this class.


The Genesis of Writing in Ancient Oaxaca. Seriously cares about the subject and his students. Kenichiro Tsukamoto and Takeshi Innomata. The Westermost Extent of Zapotec Script.

Marcus Winter and Gonzalo Sanchez Santiago. Iavier ready to commit a lot of time, but his passion keeps lectures enthralling. Marver and Sheva Bernstein Faculty Fellowship – Oxford University Press,