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JBL Incorporated, Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box , Northridge, California U.S.A.. JBL M/HF-T. REV A. PACKAGE. WIRING DIAGRAM. The JBL T 3-Way Tri-Amplified ScreenArray Cinema Loudspeaker System is designed to deliver critical sound reproduction in medium to large cinemas. JBL JBL Professional. PA SKU # JBL MFR # Support The ScreenArray features true three-way system design enhanced for critical film.

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To do it right you need the crossover from the A or biamp the cab and roll your own preset. You’ll save a little jjbl on an already heavy cabinet. There should be a splay of approximately 35 to 45 degrees between cabinets and the final splay should be based on measurements.

The XTi will be a perfect match for this driver. This optimized configuration 47322 coherent acoustical power up to much higher frequencies than more conventional designs. Whatever you do, remove those baby butts and block off the hole.

JBL 4732-T Speaker

The Coherent Wave phasing plug structure has four equal length passages to provide in-phase summation of jgl output at the 1. An XTi would be way more than enough and keep it in the family.

Am I crazy for thinking this, should I just repair the blown and call it a day? Like I said, it ain’t right, but it’ll work.

One has a blown and I was thinking of putting in x-overs from A’s or modifying the originals to have the ‘s do all the work and by-passing the ‘s.


I don’t want to start a crossover topology war here on the top end. A watt amp would not suffice if he wanted to get the jl out of the drivers.

JBL SR4732X Fly Version Crossover 129-30014-01

Sometimes I feel that the people on this forum are tossing out recommendations that don’t make a lot of financial sense to the OP. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that the driver will handle peaks above watts quite easily, meaning an even larger amplifier is probably safe, if properly limited. Charlie Zureki Junior Mar 24, It would take 96 watts to achieve Does he need to spend an extra couple of C notes to get the “right” amp, or should he use what is available and cheap?

Peak voltages above the heat level the driver can take may be an excursion problem, and they may not. An amplifier capable of 67 volts at 8 ohms is equal to That said, If i have someone knowledgeable do the work, it may cost me nearly as much as buying a x-overs. Also in the marketplace thread, I mentioned that you should pretty easily be able to delete the low-pass on thewhich is probably just two components, an inductor and a capacitor. January 24, So yes, a watt jl at 16 ohm would suffice.

Used JBL SRX Loudspeakers for Sale |

You’d need a jvl of the crossover to know for sure, though. From my experience, the baby cheeks do not keep up, and do blow easily. The only spec sheet I can find on the SR is this one: Max SPL seems to be about dB, but no jl info is provided, and no response graphs are provided either. January 23, I will ask someone who splays similar cabinets for a living and measures their response. Worry about power at the driver’s minimum impedance s.


You have a lot of ibl in powered single 18″ subs from all of the above mentioned vendors, plus some interesting horn loaded ones from Danley that can be ordered in a powered configuration.

Silas, I’ve got the pdf’s from both the a and the a.

A watt amp would suffice. The Model J 472 a 1. I always wondered why jbl crossed the so low 6k. Other choices include the RCF 4Pro and a few others in the same general shape as what you had.

If the driver is specified at 8 ohms there is probably a reason for it.

What does everyone think will suit my needs? Look down to the Crossover post in this Forum In addition to improving performance, the 1.