This BLOG is dedicated to the late, great drummer Jeff Porcaro. His cut-time reggae groove on “Love Me Tomorrow” is almost as great as his “Lido Shuffle”. From The Instructional DVD + Toto Albums. Transcribed by Eugenio Ventimiglia. Page 2. – 1 -. Confident Drummer Newsletter: Jeff Porcaro Grooves. I’m very happy and proud to present my first book: my personal dedication to one of my favorite drummers, Jeff Porcaro. The book (47 pages).

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I’ll be in the car and hear something on the radio and say “Oh, this is cool.

PC Drums | Learn and play the drum grooves of Jeff Porcaro

Also compare Jeff’s dead-center time feel on The Nightfly to his earlier, ultra-laid-back groove onSteely Dan’s “Gaucho” from the album of the same name. The three early Jetf Dudek releases sound similar to Carlton’s, but possess more of an edge, like early Little Feat.

Jeff lays it down drums only. And upon even closer examination, you’ll find that there are many other grace notes jecf his hi-hats within “Waiting For Your Love”. You should heard his band, Rural still Life,whom later became Toto.

In fact, Louis Bellson played on that set. Jeff also played on Boz’s Other Roads, recorded in No, not at all.

PC drums, learn Jeff Porcaro’s funk grooves

We worked strickly on reading, and playing the snare drum. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Heads bob, harms flail, and high- fives abound. We made another mark four bars gropves those two bars.


I don’t speak French, but who cares? Truthfully, it doesn’t make that much difference to me. Figures I had never seen before.

So Lenny went in and played the song again, but this time he changed his pattern a little for the turn-arounds, for the fills, for the bridge, for the solo. Even at that young age Jeff was able to manipulate the time feel in many ways. It’s essential that young students study with a teacher who will show him the basics. Below is the information that should be present in these notices.

The process of singularly overdubbing bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards begins. There was a playground next to the theatre where all the neighborhood kids would hang out, and when the name jff came in, they would see us playing softball.

Speaking of Tommy Dorsey, I see your name here on his album cover. The guy upstairs must have really been taking care grooges me, because when I got here I had no trouble getting work. On “Angel You” and “JoJo”, notice how he places the beat exactly and consistently dead- center, and how on jef latter he makes the very difficult hits seem effortless.

A packing blanket is placed inside the bass drum and secured with a sandbag. Jeff was a session drumming master who played with the group TOTO. I try to show them the things they don’t get from the others. Accordingly, if you are not sure whether material infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact an attorney.

Have you been doing any clinics? Mike Porcaro and Michael Omartian. So when I was young and started doing sessions, if someone asked for a sixteenth note groove, then that’s the they way I did it. The main groove is very similar, but notice how Jeff’s pocket has developed over time. Say, if you have five songs on one side and you mess up song five, then you have to start all over again.


His love of drumming was apparently inherited. A biography is included to introduce the drummer and his intense career as musician. Newer Post Older Post Home. For example, Porcaro would often not crash on the downbeat of the first verse following the intro, in order to leave room for the opening vocal entrance to gtooves a bigger impact.

Jeff contributes to the song’s momentum with his “larger than life” tom fills, but he doesn’t complicate the groove.

He tuned his snare on the tight side, but varied it to suit the session. Lenny and I started playing to get into the groove, so by the time the that fifth bar came –which was the first bar of the two bars we marked as the cool bars we liked– we were locked, and we overdubbed shaker and cowbell.

But it stemmed back to the experience I’d had back there; playing jazz, symphonic, operas, summer music theaters, everything. Recording studio video with Steve Porcafo, Jeff Porcaro. Probably so, but who knows? As the day wears on, the band- members grow increasingly confident with the arrangements and performances.

And lots of times you’ll forget what the tune even was.