26 Jul I ordered Jerry Bergonzi’s Hexatonics book, the seventh volume in his Inside Improvisation series. I had looked through some of his previous. Jerry Bergonzi: INSIDE IMPROVISATION SERIES VOLUME 7: HEXATONICS, Paperback Book & CD Package, All Instruments, and thousands more titles. 19 Jan Practicing hexatonics is great way to improve technique and it’s also great for ear training. Hearing these different combinations of triads.

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So, when the same hexatonic in bergozi place is referred to as “G: Jerry Bergonzi vol 4 – Melodic-Rhythms Education. Triad pair are basically the same thing as hexatonic scales.

See also Chapter 9. Programma del triennio di di I do plan to work on more of them soon. Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics Documents. In other words, why start with Major a whole step up followed by minor a whole step above a Major triad? E-jD- F- jb- Also, try improvising using any rhythm but starting your phrase on the notes of the grid.

Casa Valdez Studios: Jerry Bergonzi’s approach to Hexatonics

I fully describe Mr. To write it down or to give it a name, we will call it D triad over C triad. Choosing just a few of these melodies and playing them in all keys is more beneficial than trying play too many and not really getting them down. By using two triads, bi-tonal effects are created. Try integrating this approach with other melodic materiaL:: For example, the conventional chords used in the Jazz idiom are oftentimes associated with parent chord-scales of seven or more tones melodic minor, major, minor, harmonic minor, and so on.


Try it, you might like it! There is a full page of lines for each triad pair and a page jefry every key. Is Berklee College of music out of your price range?


This can be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions and where each chord jexatonics may last a long time for jerrt, four, eight, or sixteen measures ” Bergonzi’s book is very well thought out and structured to be very useful as a practice tool.

After playing through a bunch of different keys and permutations of each pair you are able to apply each over a few different tunes. D triad over e triad can be written and played in any inversion, for example: Is there some sort of system or are they just presented randomly? The jerfy on these two augmented triads follows a pattern of minor third, half step, minor third, half step, etc.

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On some of these chords we are allowing much leeway. Rendering these scales in the form of triad pairs yields more variety in tone color and suggests novel melodic possibilities. One way to create a hexatonic scale is to combine the notes of two triads that don’t have any common tones. Published on Jan View Download Viola vol 1 Jerry Bergonzi Vol Jerry bergonzi vol 6 – Developing a jazz language Education.


Eb Real Book 5th edition Vol. What follows is a list of different melodies derived from this hexatonic scale.

DIC Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting notes. Select a few to practice and play in all keys keeping in mind what chords they may fit over. It could also be used on minor chords.

D-jC- Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting notes. This can be very helpful in modal settings where there are no diatonic, cycle-forth root movements or resolutions hexaatonics where each chord change may last a long time for instance, hexatonixs, eight, or sixteen measures “.

Jerry Bergonzi- Vol 2 – Pentatonics Documents. I 5 9 5 9 Try progressions 1 and 2 with this hexatonic, too.

The book is big and just shy of pages. He doesn’t write about why he presents the material in a certain order.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

In most ofthe following examples and etudes accidentals only apply to the note they are attached to. D triad over e triad. Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics. On a dominant chord, the two triads include the: