Card to Wallet: The Book [Jerry Mentzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Magic book. Card to wallet: The book [Jerry Mentzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Card To Wallet book by Jerry Mentzer – Jerry Mentzer – Card To Wallet book PDF The Card to Wallet effect is one of the strongest possible.

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This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included. Card to Wallet-The Book is devoted exclusively to this classic magic effect!

Card is removed from pack and placed in card case as prediction. The Ed Brown Wallet. Card to wallet, but the wallet is wrapped with a rubber band 11 Bandit Card to Wallet Richard Bartram: Repeat Card to Wallet. D ata entered by Denis Behr.

Switching with the Himber Wallet. The End by Rick. Wallet visibly changes into a giant replica of a chosen signed card. Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret.


Using a pocket secretary type wallet that can be examined before the card appears. If you plan to buy a wallet the book is an excellent source of information to inform and aid you in your decision. Ungimmicked wallets are featured in one large chapter of the book. Have a question about this product?

Cut card prediction matches, and signed card is found between the bills in the wallet. Larry’s routine using two selections C. Selected card vanishes from deck to appear in a small vinyl wallet. Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators.

No palm method, but card is not signed.

Card To Wallet book by Jerry Mentzer

In Case – Any Wallet. Waplet Wallet – The Demo Routine. A card is selected by the spectator, and when the wallet is removed, the X card has changed to the selection 27 The E. Signed Wallet to Card Case. Wallet is removed and card shown, but it is not the signed card. Choose a ranking for this item.

Card To Wallet book Jerry Mentzer

Pure Mentalism By Nico Heinrich. Take a look at our Return Policy. Questions about this product. E-Z Card in Wallet.


Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators.

Reviews require prior approval before menter will be displayed. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Two Selections and a Wallet. Miscellaneous And Theory 33 Introduction – Miscellany: Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros.

Tom’s version of this classic no-palm card to wallet effect Mullica Wallet Wllet Tom Mullica: Find Out how to pay.

We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Uses a specially “m” gimmicked wallet.

Three cards are selected and signed. Diplopia by Paul Vigil. This publication has been reviewed by Karl Fulves VerbatimIssue 4,p. Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst. HTML tags are not allowed.

Roth Bombshell Routine Roy Roth: The Fan Top Change. We’re proud to let you read our mail.

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