JetBook Lite. This is similar to the JetBook with the rechargeable battery replaced with a AA battery compartment to use 4 standard AA batteries. Standard cells. Lightweight and super-portable, ECTACO jetBook Lite is the ultimate pocket library. Capable of storing thousands of books in the world’s most popular. Welcome to another Good e-Reader review! Today we take a look at one of the best e-reader offerings from Ectaco, the Jetbook Lite! How does.

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All orders are delivered by a courier service in business days. The settings menu was our pleasant surprise.

Ectaco says jetbopk cannot help. There are free classic ebooks that come with the device, along with the user manual and CIA World Factbook.

Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-Reader Review

Not only will I keep reading, but I’ll continue to recommend your product to everyone I can as well. It has a few quirks, like the menu varies with each format, but overall it is a great value. California Yellow Buy now!

Our Take on the Jetbook Lite Compared to the prior offerings of Ectaco the Jetbook Mini and the original Jetbook this is jetgook most superior device they have launched to date. We recommend this one to people who are independent and tech savvy enough to be able to locate books on your own, without being locked into a specific ebook store. The Ectaco Jetbook Lite is a great e-reader in the respects of its ability to read many types of ebook formats.


If you prefer expedited delivery please select lote of the options below: The TFT screen is a great addition as well and won’t have a lag or splash effect going from page to page. The dictionary itself is available in many different languages, so if English is not your main jetbook tongue, you do have options.

We added more Asian languages: There is the direct pronunciation and 3 quick half sentences that tell you the different meanings.

Full text The First-ever Language Learning Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android Life the first-ever multilingual Ectaco Crosswords for Android – a perfect jetbolk which combines the fun and entertaining process of solving puzzles with language learning on your Android phone. We found this very convenient and something entirely unique to the Jetbook Lite, against any of its competition. Our representatives will contact you with further instructions after you submit your online order.

To ensure the security of jwtbook transactions, we are proud to partner with these programs: The one great thing about using tangible batteries is that it brings the cost down significantly, although in the long term your end cost is increased having to buy batteries.

Our representatives will contact you with further instructions after you submit your online order. Also, there are numerical buttons on the side, these are used to launch programs and settings. Check out some more specifics below! All of the main settings are broken into main categories and then launch corresponding sub categories.


Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. How does the Jetbook Lite compare with the companies other offerings and against other e-readers on the market?

Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-Reader Review

Ordering from our site is easy and secure. Although it is not E-Ink it does use a monochrome based technology allowing it to be read in various lighting conditions.

Discover what other devices and software applications are available for the languages you’ve selected. Lime Green Buy now! Jetbooi of North America the pickings get very slim and prices dramatically increase. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our lighter and thinner design makes reading almost anywhere quick and easy. I was hoping to score a case for my jetBook LITE and to get one for my son, dad, and friend as well is really awesome!

The Ectaco Jetbook Lite runs a Linux ljte operating system, which is very stable and has yet to hang or crash.


Give us a jetboook at or click here to email. We mentioned prior that Jetbook does not have a content distrubution system, but does read a ton of different formatrs for ebooks. Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs.

The Ectaco e-Book Reader provides multiple choice of sizes and types to suit your reading preference.