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I have the 25th anniversary edition which is nice because it has an interview with Ian about the album as well as a bonus live excerpt from Thick recorded back in This wonder starts like a gentle folkish tune. The concept follows a child perhaps Ian himself through birth, childhood, adulthood, and eventually death.


Before you feel nervous about listening to such an album a one-track, minute albumthough, you need to know a few things. Listening can be real joy and pleasure sometimes. Still, Thick as Brick stands out as one of the better albums of the progressive folk genre and it deserves four stars. And in this case it’s not even a matter of having not much with Jethro Tull w is the point here, it’s more a matter of having not much with Prog Folk that is my problem.

This article claims that although Bostock initially won the contest, the judges’ decision was repealed after protests and threats concerning the offensive nature of the poem, along with the boy’s suspected psychological a. The music, however, is pure Jethro Tuick – a great array of acoustic ballads and heavy folk-rock tunes jumbled together in a single piece, being, however, much more keyboard dominated than previous albums where flute and guitar held rule.

Keeping in line with the band’s tongue-in-cheek personality, the fifth album and follow-up to ‘Aqualung’ would address these misinterpretations by delivering an overblown prog epic that pulls out every trick in the concept album canon. Anderson tells, that still nowadays people ask, what has become of the boy who wrote the poem. It revolves around that newspaper article about a genius young poet not getting a reward for his poem ‘Thick As a Brick’ because of the content but the poem is excellent in itself.


All the musicians themselves are great, but the music in general is much more than sum of it’s parts, again.

Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Newspaper Album 1972

My highlights on the album would have to be the end sections of both halves with andersons trademark witty lyrics and also about the 7 minute mark on the second part where it delves into a darker area with some fantastic acoustic guitar work and trilled flute. New Jersey Sold by: After three minutes, q, the soft honeymoon is over, and the progressive folk textures that pervaded the beginning give way to much heavier rock.

Again, they brik the same melody as Part 1 when Ian sings “See there, a man is born, and we pronounce him fit for peace”. As opposed to many other long songs this concept works brilliantly on Thick as a Brick though.

Muddy thcik guitars suddenly become crisp acoustic ones, the flute becomes an undisputed lead instrument, and the keyboards suddenly have a much higher place in the band’s pecking order. A painful flute build from Ian and some equally painful soloing from Martin.

He newspapre not drive a Hyundai — indeed he has never held a driving licence — calling himself a “professional passenger. And so a lot of people took him seriously at the time, actually thinking poor Gerald Bostock a real person having him credited not only in the cover, but on the vinyl record as well, didn’t help either.

I ws it sounds a bit less dated than some of those other classics. It starts off with what I used to hear on the radio. There’s some odd spoken word and a few inexplicable silences before the acoustic introduction from the first part favors us with yet another appearance.

They did not know at the time than “Thick” would be a concept album.

Retrieved 21 April Later and the reference to “later” in the lyric sheet is a signpost that the tale has advanced a generationthe young character is grown to adulthood and serving as a barrister it would seem. The album went Nr. The album consists of one single track, Thick As A Jetheolasting just under 44 minutes.

I know, this music deserves it, even I like Aqualung more and this does not make me newbie in genre automatically, I just like it more I don’t like ending of first jetheo, I don’t like drum solos here and few calmer parts.

Retrieved 3 March If you like newspaler music at all–it doesn’t matter if your a big neo-prog fan or if you are into technical death metal–this release is completely essential. Any way you slice it, this is a classic and a cornerstone ndwspaper any music collection, progressive or otherwise. I always find new lines to ponder and enjoy when I listen to this awesome disc, and I listen to it fairly often.


Much of the album’s concept is conveyed through the album’s artwork; a mock newspaper that satirizes British society, its trivial fixations, and hypocrisy. No sense in analyzing this album to death. Some people have tried to fit their own meanings to the song, and it’s very interesting to read their line-by-line analysis of the lyrics.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews

Another quick break, this one a reprise of the opening movement, done with lullaby-like newspxper. Even the rate was constantly increasing and with the previous Aqualung they had made a very big leap tnick already. Now about this album, well in fact half of the story is already told now because the above mentioned is mainly what it’s all newspaaper but the three Thick as a Brick tracks are good epics and that’s the best description I can think of.

Once again, a resounding no, as its flaws are a little too evident even after a couple of listens to call it perfect. Each minute is interesting and important, no weak points are found here, so how do you define someone who composes such an amazing piece of art?

The end result is Jethro Tull at their very best and a glorious example of unselfish ensemble cooperation and coordination of gull musical brainstorming.

The rock is straight-ahead and intense while the folksy elements are tongue-in-cheek, dynamic, and loads of fun.

Don’t ask me why, that’s just me, i guess!! Words cannot express the feeling and the perfection of this section and of the entire song.

Saying anymore about the album would be reaching into redundancy, this one gets a blazing 5 stars. On Thick as a Brick, meanwhile, the joke is still a joke, and it’s this playfulness which sets the album apart.