The Outsider has ratings and reviews. BrokenTune said: Not much to say about this one: I have never been a big fan of Jimmy Connors and his aut. Legendary tennis player Jimmy Connors made a career out of challenging everyone. His book was no exception. He joined Bill Littlefield. I guarantee that after reading Jimmy Connors’ autobiography you will want to pick something up and smash it. A tennis ball to be precise, and.

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Want to Read saving…. Overall, the book moved quickly and was easy to read. Refresh and try again. Jimmy Connors writes as if he were sharing his life story with a friend with whom he was having a quiet drink.

Well, why would we? I never believed Connors was a saint, simply from seeing his on-court connirs.

Where were they breeding those things anyway? The cohnors was that if I wanted to see Chrissie, I had to get on a plane, so I’d call Bill Riordan and ask him to arrange a flight to wherever she was that week.

This is definitely a no holds barred memoir and if you ever pissed off Jimmy Connors, you are probably mentioned in this book. He almost blows his relationship with his beautiful wife Patti, but realises he cannot live without her. It is too bad that Jimmy Connors didn’t co-author his biography with a writer worthy of the theme. I’ve read both Pete’s and Andre’s books and this one I liked the best. Topics Sport and leisure books The Observer. Inhe was thr into the Tennis Hall of Fame. For Jimmy Connors, it was an even more harrowing image: Still, who was I to make that decision?

The Outsider: A Memoir

Would Chrissie keep playing? Connors makes a point of noting that when Agassi jimy the locker room and everyone else in attendance stood and applauded, he did neither. I kept at it, never letting him settle into a rhythm, and it paid off. That’s why every time he played, the stadium was packed — you never knew what you were going to get. Currently looking for any book titled The Outside.


For Connors, the sport gave Agassi everything “including his wife” and he took it all for granted and insulted fans. Ashe was not only a brilliant and accomplished tennis player and the captain of the U.

The Outsider, by Jimmy Connors – review

This was Romania for the 1 percent, and Nasty was their superstar. Connors struggled with an addiction to gambling for many years. Attitudes toward sex had changed. We also paired up at Wimbledon, where we reached the quarterfinals in and the third round inbefore withdrawing because of our singles commitments. I was wary of burning myself out with too much tennis. Jul 18, Barbara Hale rated it liked it.

Therefore, my “1 star” rating should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Bit of a whiney-baby!!! The only reason I stuck with this narcissistic tale was to see his take on tennis. The toddler Connors, grasping his racket with his trademark double fisted grip, would quickly learn how to fire them back just as hard.

I was playing in too many singles matches by then, and I didn’t want to hang around stadiums all day long waiting for the late-night doubles. He doesn’t do much apologizing in the book, either, except for cheating on his wife and children. His book is mostly written in this testosterone-induced spirit. I was on the fence about giving it three or four stars, and if I were more of a tennis fan I probably would have rated it higher.

They were pretty decent results and more than justified my decision to turn pro. I didn’t want this book to end. It led the USTA to create a code of conduct for team behavior, and I recall that Ashe wrote in his memoir, Days of Graceabout how embarrassing and shameful he found the entire affair as the coach.

All Nasty could do was smile. It’s not always grammatically correct, but it sure does get the point across.


Jimmy Connors Shows He’s Still ‘The Outsider’ | Only A Game

I loved getting a front row seat to both his tennis and personal world. That shy, laid-back approach worked pretty well for me. Then we moved on to what had become my favorite stop in London, the Playboy Club, a haven for every vice I ever had. Remember, Romania during this time was behind the Iron Curtain, yet when we arrived, even as two young Americans, we didn’t have to clear customs.

Growing up in New Hampshire, I was drawn to Connors as the upstart from a outsiedr town catching the establishment by surprise.

So back to the hotel we went, where Nasty stashed his handful in my room, which was right next door to the room he was sharing with his wife, Nikki. I came away with the thought that because someone is blunt and in your face, it does not necessarily mean they are honest. They were quality players who probably didn’t think this was nearly as funny as Nasty and I did, and they fought hard, taking us all the way to the fifth set before we eventually won.

I had heard many stories about the whole Wimbledon experience from some of the older American players, like Charlie Pasarell and Stan Smith, but nothing impressed me more than the Rolls-Royce, which I was told would pick you up and jmmy you to the grounds.

I would glance over at her table and see her smiling at me, or I would try and catch her eye when she was in mid-conversation with the Wightman Cup team coach, Bill Graves.

For John McEnroe, it was getting on the s More than any outsjder, other than possibly boxers, tennis players seem to define themselves within the contours of individual will and personality.