Jingo. Cover art by Paul Kidby. Co-author(s). Illustrator(s). Publisher, Gollancz A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld. Suddenly. Jingo. In the 21st Discworld novel, Discworld goes to war, with armies of sardines , warriors, fishermen, squid and at least one very camp follower. Jingo is the 21st Discworld novel and the fourth in the City Watch theme. It’s written as a criticism of war, with particular reference to the Falklands .

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The other thing is, I suspect I won’t rememmber more than a few details in a week. With no other alternatives, Ankh Morpork and Klatch are going to war. Throughout history, there’s always been a perfectly good reason to start a war. Oh, Nobby Nobbs also discworldd in touch with his feminine side, and develops a longing for a relationship not that a suitable partner reveals herself. Discwworld was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us.

Going Postal The Discworld Series: Part of it may be that I was reading this interspersed with a book club book that I’m struggling with and a cozy mystery that could have used an edit or two, and that sort of thing makes you realize how nice it is to read a book that just flows, and is enjoyable to read.

Jingo is the fourth book in the City Watch subseries of Discworld.

Vimes then recruits the Watch into his own private army regiment, reasoning that, as an official noble, he is entitled to do so by law and by Lord Rust’s command, with the group remaining independent as knights legally fall jingi command of the king or his duly appointed representatives, neither of which exist in Ankh-Morpork.


Even though each novel can be read as a standalone book, It’s highly recommended to read the previous books of the Guards series to get to know the background of some characters. This is Pratchett on top form, spinning interlocking storylines together, mixing serious and silly utterly seamlessly. Monstrous Regiment The Discworld Series: Satire deals with the wholesale acceptance of lies when ink-validated.

Jingo (Discworld, #21; City Watch, #4) by Terry Pratchett

Discworld goes to war Also features fun with the split in the Trousers of Time, Vimes’ struggles with his wife’s well-meant gift of a Dis-Organizer, and an enjoyable submarine ride with only Leonardo de Quirm, crazy genius, Vetinari, tyrant, Sgt Colin, complete moron, and Nobby Nobbs, possibly human, as passengers.

In the end, this shouldn’t be a difficult endeavor, after all Klatch is very much indebted to the Ankh Morpork. So the fourth or fifth best book in my second favorite subplot of a large series and I still flew through and gobbled up every damn word. Jingo The Discworld Series: Vetinari takes the submarine and a tub Something wreathed with tentacles rises from the seabed between Klatch and Ankh Morpork, both of which apparently think they need a little more Lovecraftian landscapes in their lives.

Which San Vimes books. Judging from this book, a Pratchett book will never be serious, but their silliness is more and more being undercut with a pathos that is riveting, an anger that drives the story.

Oh, no doubt the man would suggest there were mitigating circumstances, that he had an unhappy childhood or was driven by Compulsive Well-Poisoning Disxworld.

Jingo by Terry Pratchett book review

The humanist propaganda — which I love — is not as graceful as I remember. Snuff The Discworld Series: Someone c’n try an’ take it off if dey likes.


I don’t know why. In InterzoneJohn Clute described Jingo as fitting “seamlessly” into the Discworld, commenting that it does not “dishonour its predecessors in the series” and “is in fact better than most of them”. I thought you never used the word!


jigno The only thing here is that I wasn’t super in the mood for this type of book when I picked it up. Also see “Jingo” illustration, created by Marc Simonetti, here: When young Jimbo Mambo books a room with Captain and Mrs Fanshaw in their Northernville lodging house, he is gradually introduced to their bizarre social circle.

Seeing he has been tricked, and with the people and generals turning against him, Prince Cadram flees, with hour Ahmed in pursuit and his brother Khufurah recovers and resumed control of Klatch.

Mind you, it dicsworld as if the Discworld novels would fall into the category of mindless pulp since Pratchett does a really good job a satirising the modern world. Because that’d line you up with Sergeant Colon and the rest of the Klatchian-fags-are-made-of-camel-dung brigade.

Discworld 21st novel — 4th City Watch story. So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader’s review.

But I have a compulsion to behead cowardly murderers.