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Find the most up-to-date version of JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD. JIS Z Colour specification — Specification according to their three attributes (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider.

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The sulfonium salt compound, however, adversely affects the environment when coating films are baked or when coated plastic products are recycled, and the whiteness of the coating films is not sufficient. The Munsell chart N value was determined in the multilayer coating film having the three layers of aqueous white primer coating, clear colored coating and clear coating. The polymerizable unsaturated dicarboxylic acid or anhydride thereof is a compound having one polymerizable unsaturated bond and two or more carboxyl groups or the anhydrous group s thereof per molecule.

Method of evaluating color of mat rush with a spectrophotometer [1999]

The hydroxyl-containing monomer is a compound containing a hydroxyl group and a polymerizable unsaturated group; examples thereof include monoesterified compounds of alkylene glycols having 2 to 10 carbon atoms and meth acrylic acid such as hydroxyethyl meth acrylate, hydroxypropyl 88721 acrylate, hydroxybutyl meth acrylate, etc.

The copolymerization of these monomers can be performed by known methods.

This is due to a function of yttria of 821 the sintering. The clear colored coating composition B provides high transparency to enable observation of the coating film of aqueous white primer A beneath the clear colored coating film. In step 4the uncured coating film of the clear colored coating composition B is electrostatically coated with a thermosetting clear coating composition C.

Table 6 shows the results of the performance tests of the multilayer coating films. Subsequently, the number of remaining squares was counted to evaluate the coating film according to the following criterion. Aqueous primer composition, method of surface treating by using the same and laminated structure thereof.

Polycarbonate, ABS resin, urethane resin, nylon and the like may also be used. 87211 usable as a crosslinking agent are epoxy resins of glycidyl etherified bisphenol, the hydrogenated product thereof, epoxy resins of glycidyl etherified aliphatic polyhydric alcohols, glycidyl ester based epoxy resins, alicyclic epoxy resins and the like.


Color Systems by Tatsuo Minohara

Therefore, it is suited most as materials for high purity processes. In the process of studying aluminum nitride sintered bodies, the inventors have succeeded in providing an aluminum nitride sintered body wherein metal elements, such as a sintering additive, are substantially absent except for aluminum, and which assumes black color of a lightness of not more than N 4 according to the definition of JIS Z showing black gray color through black brown color of an extremely low lightness.

Furthermore, preferably after the powder of aluminum nitride is preliminarily shaped, the preliminarily shaped body is hot press sintered or hot isostatic press sintered. Impossible to carry out electrostatic coating.

However, the material is not limited to these. As seen from the above results, the aluminum nitride according to the present invention is stable and has a better capability of absorbing an infrared radiation beam and a superior heat radiating ability than white aluminum nitride at the time of heating ji. A method of producing an aluminum nitride sintered body, when sintering a powder of aluminum nitride containing metal elements of contents of not more than ppm for each metal element except for aluminum to obtain the sintered body, the sintering is effected to obtain a sintered body of a relative density of at least Aluminum nitride sintered body, metal including member, electrostatic chuck, method of producing aluminum nitride sintered body, and method of producing metal including member.

Ref legal event code: Moreover, the inventors have found out that though a color unevenness is unavoidably generated on the surface of an aluminum nitride sintered body, such a color unevenness is substantially inconspicuous on the surface of the aluminum nitride sintered body of the present invention, so that the aluminum nitride sintered body of the present invention has an extremely good appearance.

These usable melamine resins may also have coexisitent imino groups.

In Comparative Example 6, though a powder of a high purity aluminum nitride containing a very small amount of impurities and not containing yttria or the like additive was used, white sintered bodies of low relative densities could only be produced. However, in order to save energy and to reduce harmful wastes emitted into the environment, electrostatic coating, which achieves high coating efficiency, is coming into wide use.


The sintered body had an average particle diameter of 3. Aluminum nitride sintered body, metal embedded article, electronic functional material and electrostatic chuck. The coating film had no defects.

SC Inside shutter | Active-FO Inc.

Particularly, in a dense aluminum nitride sintered body of a relative density of at least A relation between the lightness N and the relative density of the sintered bodies measured on Comparative Examples 7 – 9 and Examples 2 and 3 were shown in Fig. Namely, the inventors have found out that the lightness of the aluminum nitride sintered body is increased if an average particle diameter of the crystal grains exceeds 4.

Preferably, the crystal grains constituting the aluminum nitride sintered body have an average particle diameter of at least 0. Usable melamine resins are methylolated melamine resin produced by reacting melamine and formaldehyde; partially or fully etherified melamine resin obtained by reacting methylolated melamine resin and a monoalcohol having 1 to 10 carbon atoms; and the like.

The polyester resin may also contain carboxyl groups in addition to the hydroxyl groups, and generally has a weight-average molecular weight of about 1, to about , preferably about 1, to about 70, The aqueous white primer A is used to adjust the water content of the coating film within a specific range and thereby to provide the electrical conductivity required for electrostatically coating the primer film with a coating composition. Process for making a low electrical resistivity, high purity aluminum nitride electrostatic chuck.

Example 1 Step 1: If necessary, the clear coating composition can contain coloring pigments, metallic pigments, extender pigments, dyes, ultraviolet absorbers and the like, to the extent that the transparency is not impaired.