John Romaniello’s Superhero workout. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone has tried or took a look at John Romaniello’s Superhero workout yet. Build a Super Hero Body with trainer John Romaniello! The super hero workout builds the perfect physique; broad shoulders with a thin waist, streamlined with. A complete review of John Romaniello and Matt McGorry’s “The Super Hero Workout”. Find out why this muscle program rates a less than.

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Hyson makes the majority of the money, not me. The next best thing would be to look like them.

Do I need to go the gym Roman or could I do the workouts at home I have a powerrack, barbell, dumbells and lots of plates? This body is finished off with powerful looking arms that enhance the look with a certain completionrather than throw off balance by being oversized.

Seeing him take care of crime in gotham is awesome. My only complaint is that Hyson’s review didn’t mention that the diet plan was an supsrhero cost and that if you didn’t purchase it during the initial order it isn’t available later as a separate purchase!

I’ve been fat and overweight too long!

John Romaniello – The Super Hero Workout – Romans Fitness Books

NO superpower at all. Lastly, I had to have this program, since I am Capt. And one of the most admirable things about him is his ability to really analyze situations and see what other heroes can’t usually because they are so reliant on their powers. No powers; just guile, intestinal fortitude, and a side dish of crazy. Adam Batman is the best. And it wasnt like she had to carry a gun all the time.


Miguel The Punisher a. Hitler also thought what he was doing was right. This is the stage of the Super Hero in Worrkout, you are now a new total person that you have never expected you could be. He’s the perfect motivation for us syperhero work out harder! Because he’s not perfect. Really enjoying learning from you and looking forward to the superhero workout, Jason August 2, at 3: I always liked thor because of the relation to Scadanavian mythology and my Scandanavian roots.

Comments for This Entry. I loved the whole nordic and viking mythlogy thing and Thor was rugged and “savage” as they come.

My Review of “The Super Hero Workout” |

September 24, at 3: Edge Blade, he goes to the beat of his own drum, he takes every challenge and he straight up dominates. It’s gotten results for both actors and athletes Jake Huddleston Batman is definitely my favorite superhero By way of demonstration, on the left, you supedhero a romxniello of me. Not so sure about the new C. From barbarian to the king, following the path of sword. Mel Defineately Wonder Woman.

Big, powerful and cut July 18, at 7: Anonymous There was no winner I have hit a plateau in my bench press. Bacilio Ruiz This is a tough romanielll, but number one I’m so stoked and getting this for sure! Laura It has got to be Superman – when I was little I remember trying reaaaallly hard to fly like Superman before I realised it wasn’t something I could do.


Behind the Cowl: A Complete Look at Super Hero Fat Loss (and a free workout)

Cool costume, cute girlfriends! How would you like to look like the Incredible Hulk? Hands down the most powerful and most discerning of the super heroes.

Most meals should consist mainly of protein and fat sources with carbs kept under 10 grams. July 19, at 4: The guy is a flat out baller who can fly. He’s a leader, he’s unique, he’s ripped and he’s doing Jean Gray Chris Hemsworth looks awesome as Thor! About workour Author John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime.

If I could combine the best of all three I think I’d have my ultimate superhero. Jacob S Hey Roman did you notice that you have received at least double the amount of comments you were shooting for? My guess is that, at the very least, tempos are useful for beginners who simply need to learn how to coordinate their muscles on reps workoyt master good form.

Jean I was in decent shape, then I developed severe hip arthritis – I’ve had to be creative find things I can do. Looking forward to joining the solid work. Batman always carries kryptonite in his utility belt ponder that.