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At the bottom should just fit them with the help of a rubber hammer, making the maintenance, if necessary, just undocked the bar lower, without compromising the size of the columns, as if cut would be cut, and the loss of all connections and hoses away. The system is equipped aoano a termosensor, and the same for driving a motor, so the solar collector is producing hot water, because without it, there would be an exchange of hot water in the cold collector.

Back into the 4-item topics relating to the installation of the assembly. Diagram 2 3 – producing all the components of 3. For better viewing, set up to follow, step by step with pictures, part of 2 columns of solar collector: What Fortunately there is the personal contacts or the hundreds of emails received.

Even in days covert, but not rainy alvino depending on the region, can provide satisfactory performance and economy of partial power.

But the question is: I appreciate your comments and suggestions. What Happened to the Rapa Nui Civilization? Without forgetting the box or container, if they are of materials with the temperature joz for accumulation.

Although simple, it contains details required in the process. The use of basic materials available in all regions, is of extreme importance.


Jose Alcino Alano

Reflect and put into practice everything that is good in you, remember that we live very little to lose time with meanness, and that small initiatives today, may have excellent results in alcjno future.

Figure 1 Figure alcnio Figure 3 Fig. What do think about biofuels? The application of them in our project offers excellent results, since the combination of such materials, avoids the bend in the temperature that will be submitted to the contrary is to use paper.

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Apply the thermal insulation, only after all the holes and connections necessary for the installation of assembly. Amend a module to another, until five at most, to avoid tension on buses.

EEgogreen – Ecology and Environment. In large part the success of the project will depend on a careful reading of this Handbook and in full, and “Search. Since the shell is responsible to collect the hot water, it is necessary a good thermal insulation, which is found in conventional batteries market, where use is high-efficiency vacuum.

José Alcino Alano

Jose Alcino Alano, that so promptly sent me the translated guide for construction and installation of these solar panels. Because the bottle without the pressure of steam and support, to receive the hot water is all deformed. Remember that each liter of water weighs 1 kilo 4.

About Me Ursula Gribel I wanted to bring awareness to all the human and environmental issues we face in a globalized world. Where the water supply of the property is only with cold water, we suggest a mixer simple and efficient, built with PVC pipes and connections, indicated for the shower, but with some modifications, can integrate the other points of consumption in the home, such as kitchen, tank, toilet.

Hand wash – Surprising results!

aquecedor de água – Ecolmeia

For those who have, or may install a box or container with a volume equal to or higher than required, a very interesting and simple solution to find the temperature and volume of hot water, s that meets their needs for consumption, is to installing the outlet of cold water to the solar collector as low as possible. Diagram 1 This gap is necessary to ensure the movement of water in the collector with a difference in density between hot and cold water, and that as the water heats up in columns of the collector, it rises to the top of the box or tank, while where the cold water being heavier is aimed at the bottom of the collector, pushing the hot water tank or the box, keeping the movement as long as solar irradiation.


Its function is to monitor the change in water level, seeking always the hottest part. To correct the problem, we built another collector with the same dimensions of the former, on sunny days to meet the normal consumption of 4 people.

José Alcino Alano – Google+

Imagine the volume of Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles and other disposable, we can take from the environment, with recycling in the application of direct solar heating, or other existing projects such as the manufacture of tiles, thermal blankets, drainage pipes, etc. Watch out, the cheap comes out expensive. It jks necessary to install a check valve so that in times when the solar collector is not warming up, avoid the reverse cycle, since water from the collector is cold and heavier than the water of the box or container, and Construction and Installation of Water Heater http: