Julia Vinograd, considered Berkeley’s unofficial poet laureate and known to many as the “Bubble Lady,” died Wednesday after struggling. LISTENING TO THE RADIO. I am listening to the radio. I am not listening to the radio. I am listening to the silence in my room behind the radio. I am the radio. JULIA VINOGRAD was born a native of Taurus w/Pisces rising in the coal and corn bread heart of West Virginia, in She writes, “I left school to pursue a.

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She lived right on Telegraph, the artery that bled so profusely in May, And then it was back vinogard Berkeley. Studded limp brown leather beginning to show thru black polish. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Bought her newest poetry book.

And a little old lady looked up from her cottage cheese and fruit salad. I knew she was always writing in her journal but had no idea she was published, the dear woman!

She became part of the “street culture” of Berkeley beginning in the s, often called a “street poet”. I want every book vibograd all 4 floors of Moe’s bookstore to be about Moe because I don’t know much about him and I never needed to before, he’d obviously always be there.


She speaks of a suburban childhood with polka dot wallpaper in her room, and a vow she made to herself that once she had her own place it would not be boring. You’re a Cossack general in that old, fur-collared coat drilling an army of teddybears and waving a ham sandwich.

Julia Vinograd Bio and Biblioibliography from Berkeley Daze, by Rychard Denner, Contents

InBerkeley honored Vinograd with a lifetime achievement award. She lived at the Berkeley Inn and spent her days at the Caffe Med, drinking coffee and watching the world pass by. She was so ordinary she would have been invisible except for the terrible light filling her face as she whispered “My son.

I saw a gull on the telephone wire with blood dripping from his feet.

How Quirky is Berkeley? Telegraph 3 am was on view and I saw a lovely familar face in an unfamiliar city.

Julia Vinograd Poems, from Berkeley Daze, by Rychard Denner

You’re one of us: Julia told Debbie stories about the marbles. The other photo shows Moe with his back to the camera, facing the john. I too, lived at the Berkeley Inn and the Carleton Hotel. Julia Vinograd “When we are ashes and people will want to know of the streets in this area of America, it will be Julia’s work that will be most read, I assure you. She received a B. What she does do — she makes real for us those who are vinograx and lacking and forgotten and invisible.


You can feel it a little when she’s wearing yours. Gulls are territorial, it was his rock, marked with his droppings so he walked on the bloody wound.

But this 19 year old punkette had nothing else. We’re all scared and the birthday cards painted on the sky peeled off long ago.

Julia Vinograd, the Berkeley poet known as ‘The Bubble Lady’ dies at 75

Your back hurts, your hemorrhoids hurt. When Vinograd was diagnosed with cancer, her friends started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for her medical care. Berkeley Street Cannibals Author: He declined and walked away. She describes the first years of writing in Berkeley: From that moment on, Vinograd took her bubbles with her.

In her lifetime, Vinograd published 68 poetry books, along with two CDs and a tape, according to Isaacson. Vinograd returned to Berkeley in to find massive cultural and political changes in full swing. Jluia she does this with humor and verve and, as Herb Caen would say, brio.