CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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Each shot has to be planned and worked out in advance to prevent the flicker phenomena, that is just as present in film shooting as it is in progressive shooting, in fact, more so. Personally I would not use this function in HDV mode; instead I would carry out this effect in post-production. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, when I fist took the GY-HDE out of the bag I was really impressed with the build quality and after playing around with it indoors for an hour I was quite simply blown away by the overall feel and built quality.

All that said, JVC aren?

However, the footage I shot both indoors and outdoors looked very impressive indeed, even on the standard def monitors. Once I unzipped the bag and took the HD out my first impressions were excellent to say the least; this is one really well built camcorder, in fact camcorder seems too mainstream a word for it.

These are very useful to estimate for regular maintenance and servicing, or second hand value grading years down the line. I know it has interchangeable lenses, but they don’t really function like professional lenses as they don’t have a focusing barrel gy-hd11e stops at infinity.

DVuser: JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review

However, it could be argued that Progressive is the way forward. The second, was having a smaller frame HD size allowed for a progressive-scan format that wouldn?


If you switch this to manual exposure mode there is still a button just in front of it, pressing this button kicks in the auto exposure mode while your finger keeps it depressed so if you want the camera to give you an estimation of what the exposure should be you can depress this button for a second, then let go and the camera will hold that exposure, even if you recompose your shot into different light.

You could walk around all day with this camera on your shoulder and not feel a single twinge in your back, it really is that well balanced. What I had in my hands was a totally professional piece of digital video shooting equipment. Also, i acquisition can, in post-production, be rather easily trans-coded into progressive-scan p.

Poor image performance in low light. However, this camera did make me want to master my 25P shooting techniques. See our privacy policy for more gyhd101e. Unfortunately this was an indicator of a number of elements of the HDE that just didn?

The lens also has a macro extension ring for pulling focus at very short focal lengths that was also very effective and sharp.

JVC GY-HD101E Camcorder – Black

A touch of purple fringing at the extreme close end of the zoom range. As a result most of the HDTV? Progressive 25P shooting is a jgc new ball gy-bd101e. The viewfinder is well positioned but does not offer a flip up option for the eyecup to allow the operator to view the viewfinder image from a distance without having to put their eye to it. A skilled camera operator who is used to shooting on film format cameras will get top-notch results shooting in 25P with no flicker in sight. After covering my living room floor with polystyrene bits I eventually saw the familiar blue canvas of the Portabrace bag.

I totally love this camcorder, it just feels right.

  6ES5 734-1BD20 PDF

I know there will be a bit of rendering time, but this is better than ruining any chance of being able to use stills from the footage or achieve a decent slow motion at the editing stage.

However, the flip side to that coin is jjvc any locked off shots with say fast passing vehicles will result in a slight flickering on the moving vehicle.

JVC GY-HDE with P+S Technik Mini 35 Image Converter | Flickr

On paper the Sony Z1 has better resolution than the HDE, which means the Sony could have a slight advantage for certain specialized shooting applications such as green screen chromakey shoots.

HDV progressive scan camcorder Model: Niether of the HDV cameras from Sony nor the XLH1 from Canon offer this and it is a feature much sort after by many video makers looking for the closest possible match with that elusive look and feel of celluloid film. Reader Rating 0 Votes. The lens quality itself is also outstanding, employing Fujinon glass that provides both excellent clarity and distortion-free images along with good depth of field control from aperture settings given in actual f-stops rather than the rather arbitrary?

So, what else does it have? They are all so perfectly and ergonomically placed that they can all be controlled without removing your eye from the viewfinder. That said, the position of the LCD at the very back of the camera body makes it virtually dysfunctional, or at the very least awkward, to use in shooting.

At first the HDE seemed very poorly balanced and nose-heavy but once a large battery pack is added on the rear of the camera and the shoulder pad slid back to match the user?