Biography of Auliya Allah by Imam Yousaf Nabhani. A:Karamahis an extraordinary event which Allah (Exalted be He) bestows on a pious person as an honor to protect him against harm, benefit him, or help him. An-Nabbahanni said in “Jami Karamat ul Awliya” (v 2 p ). “Our Shaykh Ali Al-‘ Umari Ash-Shazili At-Trabulsi, the most famous of Awliya of.

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It is even reported that this man used to engage in shameful ksramat with donkeys! And whoever venerates the sacraments of Allah—indeed that arises from God-wariness of hearts.

If one was to believe this, can he say the same for An-Nabbahani who repeats these stories?

The Shaykh said to me: So it shows that they consider these shameful actions as miracles of the saints…La Hawla wala Quwatta ila Billah. Improving Child Discipline is Improving Ourselves. It is not permissible for the stones from which people seek tabarruk and make vows upon to remain on the surface of the earth. Indeed Safa and Marwah are among Allah’s sacraments.

They substantiate this statement of theirs with the verse. The hills of Safa and Marwah: Take the venue of prayer from Abraham’s Station. What if there was some law of nature that was not yet discovered?

The Truth of Karamat-ul-Awliya’

It is a duty upon us to be well-informed of the consequences of engaging in this forbidden act in order to effectively prevent ourselves from falling into it. And it is incumbent upon Muslims to obliterate them whenever they have the opportunity to do so. Shaykh al-Islam may Allah have mercy on him said: The issue that comes to mind is this: It must not remain unstated that we do not have reliable historical evidence concerning ‘Umar’s coming to Iran and the town of Shush in particular.

View this page in our App. There were such places in the Hijaz before, but thanks to God, they were demolished through the able hand of King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al Sa’ud, and it is hoped that God would destroy the rest. There have been many friends of Allah who had no miracles at all.

Of course, the prohibition of ziyarah for women is even maramat emphasized and the philosophy behind it is clear. karamta

Yet, they persistently find fault with charities, alms and ziyarah to the graves of leading figures of the religion, and consider that all the problems of Muslims emanate from these issues. Skip to main content. May Allah send Salah and Salam on the Prophet saw karramat, his household, companions and those who follow them. It is thus stated in the book, Fath al-Majid:. Featured Inspiration Islamic Parenting.


The friends of Allah have no fear, nor do they grieve. The fact must be acknowledged that there is no Muslim country in which Muslims express reverence to a stone, regarding it as an intercessor, and if out of ignorance and heedlessness, some Muslims revere awliyx old stone or tree, asking it for mercy, this practice must not be ascribed to Muslims in general.

Of course, it must be noted that if people honor them, and hold in high esteem the Prophet of Islam sthe pure Imams ‘athe Qur’an, and the religious personalities, it is because they are among the sacraments of Allah and honoring them indicates the purity of hearts:. With regard to the famine, it must also be said that what has been recorded in reliable sources is that at the request of ‘Umar, ‘Abbas the uncle of the Prophet s performed this prayer.

For example, Hadrat Zahra ‘a and other Companions used to invoke blessings from the soil of the grave of the Holy Prophet s ; ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Umar who strove to preserve the relics of the Holy Prophet s even tried to preserve a tree under which the Prophet s once rested; Ahmad ibn Hanbal deems it permissible to invoke blessings from the relics of the Messenger of Allah s ; and Sunni fuqaha believe that: Riba is one of the most heinous and severely admonished sins in Islam. The akramat of awliya were based on the fact that it was supernatural and went against the laws of nature.

But many of those who claim to have performed miracles or to whom people attributed miracles may have been lying or confused. The Dajjal is a prime example of such a person. It is important awlkya note that for this reason, the Prophet s and his successors ‘a and their relics as well as other religious objects must be honored as they are the manifestations of the religion and truthfulness of revelation.

When they are alive, everybody can benefit from their presence and when they die and are buried, people can establish spiritual communion with them, turning to them for help and seeking their intermediation.

Aqliya, such miracles are neither karsmat nor sufficient indicators of closeness to Allah, Most High. So for Ashraf Ali Thanvi such people are good Sufis and their works deserve to be translated, yet Thanvi did a summary of it, and he explained in the introduction the reason of doing a summary and it is that some topics were difficult to be understood by laymen, and some stories have already been translated karamzt other books of An-Nabbahani, and some stories give doubt of being against the Sunnah, while the religion of Islam is not difficult to be understood by laymen, rather Thanvi wanted to hide these dirty stories.


Community Inspiration Islam Daily. IOU on Social Networks. Regarding these two hills, the Awlyia says: They are the following: The Irrevocable Prohibition of Riba. Another case highlighted by the Wahhabis and with which they have found fault is the consideration of some stones as sacred and making tawassul to them because they equate this recourse with a sort of idol-worship.

See Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. And whoever is wary of Allah, He shall make a way out for him3. Community Featured Hadith for Today. Is there more harmful to Islam than these books?

Concerning the infallible Imams ‘ahowever, the only group that does not recognize them to have performed miracles and treat them as equal to others in the possession or otherwise of this merit is the Wahhabis. In spite of this, the Wahhabis believe that anyone who awliyz from this world, even if he is the Prophet shis existence has no more effect and anyone whose existence has no effect is not worthy of tawassul and ziyarah to him would be of no avail, thus to seek someone who has no benefit and gain for one is a futile and vain action.

The commentator of this book thus writes: Can Allah give such powers to people who do Zina with donkeys and have power to paralyze tribe leaders?

Miracles of the Awliya – IOU Blog

Of course, there are two stones and two hills whose Qur’anic sanctity made Muslims honor them. Counseling Featured Quranic Reflections. It shows that whoever follows these misguided Sufis will loose his intelligence and accept pure falsehood.