Ken Bakeman’s experiences with Reptilian friends and foes. View the profiles of people named Ken Bakeman. Join Facebook to connect with Ken Bakeman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptiliansby Ken Bakeman INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS ABOUT.

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Where is the enigmatic Ken Bakeman? | I am Exopolitician, iXossana reincarnated

The main planet now a few billion years ago was Tiamat. All kinds of entities had also sought and found refuge there long before the humanoids and it was run by a version of or precursor to dragons who had an unmistakably earthy nature. Assuming that Eva Draconis is an alias of Anita, this choice of name deserves further scrutiny.

The obvious bqkeman with operational strategy can be found in two basic accounts. Red ones are normally expressly devoted to attack missions, so bystanders are baekman advised to avoid them at all cost. It should also be mentioned that according to some people, humans not only a source of life energy for the reptilians, but also a food source.

I now have associates on all continents and just about every country that has ever been created by man. A must read for the UFO enthusiast or aficionado.

Justice then was different in structure to the modern Zionist tyranny over conscience and spirituality. Without mercenary mobs, such as ISIS and Al-Qaedareligious doctrine would have just about no place in cosmopolitan societies all over the globe. There the perceptive will discover records of everything that ever was; an authority to be relied upon.

To start with, had I not have gone down this precise present path, one of my talented clients would not have made the direct request for this article in the first place. Navigations or constructions are the responses of each individual will. He has been asked the police are involved because he will not leave. I have already confirmed there is an indisputable record of Anita failing to measure up to her claims, so that part of the message has been clarified.


Moon rocks allegedly collected as evidence may as well have come from Earth.

Ken Bakeman | I am Exopolitician, iXossana reincarnated

It may appear bizarre, but the Lemurian group mind is fine with any reptilian karmic purge of their lesser Indian bodies. Brain freeze is a trait of our reptilian nature, authorised by the limbic system.

Their blue colour suggests to me the Orioners are hydrogen breathers and Alex Collier asserts this is the bakema for the majority of what-he-calls Booteans. Notify me of new comments via email. Log in to rate this item. As the ultimate cosmopolitan, I welcome anyone with the vision to look forward and I never reject anyone in search of divine purpose. Fascinating personal account of various alien encounters, with creatures of very different type.

Clothing was not at all necessary there. I can add that Ciakar orbs used for visits by reptiles are usually white or golden standard light colour.

Moving On With Ken Bakeman Over Christmas

Any expressions of interest from pre-paying shareholders expectant of capitalist windfalls would almost certainly be met with bitter disappointment. If disconnection was something akin to the removal of a gravity field, then it is no wonder modern day talents are drawn to different currents, whether that is Anunaki, Draco or some other influential residue. There is a minor idiosyncrasy that contradicts this opinion. Interpretive issues, particularly when overzealously trying to stress desired resultscan easily escalate into the manufacture of falsehoods.


Until we work from a baseline understanding of what being reptilian is, how can any valid appraisal of standards be made? Maybe the moon landings were a great private secret not for public attention. Ken Bakeman is a fraud!

They have different internal organs, and something resembling a small heart. This has not dinted the will of his supporters at all. We do not do that in the way they did it.

Even a bird that inadvertently sat on a rock will be captured by the signature. If there was no genetic match, functional offspring could not have been produced. The feature, marked by resolutionsseems a better summary of the human conditionwhich is to put off much needed enterprises until the very last minute.

Where is the enigmatic Ken Bakeman?

Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, is of a similar opinion: To explain how this is possible, from the extra-terrestrial perspective, the human genome is so vast, it encompasses an enormous number of entity types many otherwise unknown and unnameable.

We were unable to complete your request. An example that the Greys interfere with even the incarnation off bake,an human soul: The metaphor Amon reads something like this. They come and they go. Our corporate takeover was forged on the back of apathy that now vents uncoordinated collective distortion. I have always said those prepared to ba,eman outside our mundane dimensional reality better take faith damned seriously.

In other words, they started creating tribes and tribe lands, which had borders, which they defended against baeman possible enemy.