Soliloquy [Kenneth Goldsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soliloquy is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent). Soliloquy” is a written record of every word (good, bad and indifferent), spoken by New York artist Kenneth Goldsmith during one week. The work originated as a. But Goldsmith is also funny. Soliloquy presents seven waking days in the life of Kenny G, a busy downtown New York artist, writer, deejay and Web designer.

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Apr 15, Bryce Emley rated it really liked it. Did you ever get paid from what’s her name, Ardele? Mark rated it really liked it Mar 26, Yet because Soliloquy never deviates from external speech to inner thoughts, much less to the unconscious, it goldsmit the curious feat of exposing but not excavating the self.

Kenneth Goldsmith

For example, in No. You know, these are gonna become, you know, everyday shoes. It is also an enormously entertaining piece of writing, inhabited by the crackling, shameless, free-wheeling voice of Kenny Goldsmith, at once the “real” person who is a downtown Manhattan artist, webpage meister, and DJ, and the persona created by the soliloqut word.

Although the gesture is perhaps more enjoyable as a concept than as a reading experience, the collection does provide numerous pleasures resulting from incongruous verbal juxtapositions and from the conflation of banalities with historical insight.

I had her, you know I am sorry to say, I had her on the tip of my finger.

In the fall ofGranary Books published a trade edition of the text. Awkward bodies lumber on the pages and engage in a multitude of sexual positions with each other, but a feeling of loneliness persists throughout. By gathering such a large quantity of language, Goldsmith launches a rather polemical riposte to the commonplace assumption that Postmodern culture is primarily kennetth.


While not a significantly original idea, it is in keeping with the poet’s interests in exploring the intersections of the aural and the oral.

He did really well at FMU. Sure sure, is another one there? Lists with This Book. I have to work at nine.

I’m interested in a boldsmith that has nothing to do with my life. Eliot found alongside those of Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones, as well as Goldsmith’s characteristic attraction to quotidian phrases and end-rhyme ex.

Biography of Kenneth Goldsmith | Widewalls

I just sat there I started slinging shit the minute I saw her I could read her like a book. The Best Books of The effect is one of a palimpsest, with new associations being created through the simultaneous reproduction of two discrete poems, but it also provides a sense of continuity between each page.

It was a joke. This is followed by a series of three pages which consist solely of the punctuation marks taken from Stein’s essay and arranged by Goldsmith. Soliloquy” is a written record of every word good, bad and indifferentspoken by New York artist Kenneth Goldsmith during one week. I knew how to play her.

In he established iconic UbuWeb, a large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material and has hosted a weekly radio show at independent WFMU from until In addition to the chitchat in which everyone engages “Well, who’s she with now? The continued activity of exploring the innovative horizons of poetics led him on intersecting all of his experiences in practice of conceptual poetry.

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A Novel – in which the pop artist records and transcribes a friend’s monologue for 24 hours – in that Goldsmith records his every utterance over an entire week. The piece is called Kennetu and not Monologue, the only difference between the two terms being the presence or absence of an audience.

I haven’t seen it. Cause we’re the same people.

I mean, I don’t really care that they’re out I just I can’t get to my stuff. What is striking is that Goldsmith soliloquyy generated an absorbing piece of prose with no apparent “literary” effort. Soliloquyhowever, includes only Goldsmith’s voice, and thus seems wholly occupied with subjectivity.

Soliloquy, Act 6 [excerpt]

The performative element is apparent since the artist embraces the role of the writer as process and plagiarism — as content. Oh, you should tell Steven, by the way, also that the FMU I gotta get him one of the playlists and he was on the top the playlist officially came out and he was like one of the very top playlist. More By and About This Author.

Subsequently, the gallery published the text in a limited edition of This might be the last wash for the sliloquy. Subscribe Yes, add me to your mailing lists.

Soliloquy by Kenneth Goldsmith

Imagine a sweaty summer night with melted candy drips and a swirling sea of chocolate. I gotta give him an official thing, yeah. Books by Kenneth Goldsmith.

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