Kimpa Vita also called Dona Beatriz continued the resistance against the Portuguese slave traders. Prophetess Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz) (circa – ). Kimpa Vita (circa July 2, ), whose baptized name was Dona Beatriz, founded a religious sect known as the Antonians. The goal of this movement was . Vita kimpa was born in in the village called songololo, in the town of Bakongo at the time when the country was the Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotela.

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In her message She combined traditional Kongolese beliefs with Catholicism.

Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz)

When ever they came to hear the teachings of Mama Mafuta, Vita Kimpa used to possess the spirit. As far as I can tell people got both vvita from their parents when they were vits, and they probably started using the zina dia santu even before baptism.

Then she told them how she felt a lot of pain, her spirit came out on top of her head and an Ancestor came and took her to a very beautiful city in the sky where she received visions and teachings before she was then sent back. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I do know that several independent churches claim Kimpa Vita as their founder, or claim to be heirs to her messagemost notably some branches of the Kimbanguist church founded in the s by a prophet named Simon Kibangu and the Bundu dia Kongoa rapidly growing church founded by Vitx Nsemi in the s.

Kimpa Vita (C )

Also, it is common knowledge that the Kongolese did not convert to Catholicism until more recent history. This led to great hostility between Kongo and Portugal and especially its governors of Angola.

The ancestor was later described as St Anthony of Padua. Because of that she was burned alive by the Portuguese, Vita kimpa was only 17 years old when she died. Creating her own her own Christian movement, known as Antonianism.


Kimpa Vita: African Prophetess | Kentake Page

She receive teachings here and was then sent back. During her time away she would receive instructions from God, which she relayed to the Kongo. After Kijpawhen the Portuguese had defeated the Kongo army, the capital San Salvador was abandoned and the ruling dynasty was split by rivalry between kipma Ki-Mpanza and the Ki-Nlaza families.

They put teachers out all through the country, visiting priests from Europe constantly met these teachers in the rural areas, they were usually literate and possessed a good deal of knowledge of European culture, some had even lived in Europe. The kingdom was plagued by devastating civil wars which fed the ravenous Atlantic slave trade. Thomas Cranmer, architect of Anglicanism Vita Kimpa understood this, and the solution was to end the civil war and restore the kingdom but none of the contenders to kompa throne seemed able to do that.

Dona Beatriz believed she was the reincarnation of St. Holding the city was in effect restoring the kingdom and presumably ending the civil war.

However he did not, because he was intrigued by her message himself but could not partner with her due to the influence of the missionaries who manipulated him Pedro IV saying that Vita Kimpa will overshadow his image and put his power in danger but still he protected her during these times.

I am not minimizing the thesis of religious anthropology: The groups split up, and the group of Vita Kimpa went far into kima bush to kimla.

As our concern for satisfying our bodily needs grows day by day, it is almost unbelievable that we are primarily created soul.

According to Kimpa Vita, Saint Anthony became incarnate in her body so that she actually was the saint. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. This website its content and its corresponding contact link is to and for enquiries directly relating to the Zikua based in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.


We said Kikongo, which he ikmpa to be the right answer. During this period the Kingdom of Kongo was occupied by the Portuguese, there was vitz between the kingdom and the Portuguese.

She also wanted to restore the former Kongo capital San Salvador. July 2nd, Headsman. They gave the nobles titles of nobility in European fashion Counts, Dukes and Marquisthe brought kimoa relics from Europe bones of martyrs, for exampleestablished an embassy in Rome, renamed the capital city as Sao Salvador, and so on.

At this time she was 18 years old, her parents were Christians. Beatriz had followers from all ranks and walks of life.

She was burned at the stake in The people were astonished to hear what the young girl had recounted subsequently from that day Vita Kimpa grew in force and continued to preach about spirituality and manifested many miracles. It was never a religion of conquest, and for that reason, the Kongos managed to make it their own without feeling they were abandoning or being forced to give up something.

The Portuguese tried to invade Kongo from Angola several times, first inthen again inand finally in Portuguese were massacred in the wake of the invasion and after the Battle of Mbwila inand by the s they had been effectively forced to leave the country, trading their only with Africa servants called pombeiros who represented their interests. Anthony and used this vitx to attempt to restore vjta ideal of Kongo as a unified Christian Kingdom. However, sometime aroundshe renounced her role and moved closer to the views of the Catholic Church.

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