Analysis and appreciation of KLAVIERSTÜCKE I–IV (Piano Pieces 1 – 4), Karlheinz Stockhausen’s avant-garde works for piano. Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke: A world of crystalline light in a wooden Karelian church with high windows, or the filtered rays of photons through the walls of an. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Nr. 2 Piano Pieces I-IV. Catalogue number: Nr. 2; Year of composition: ; Scored for: for piano; Composer: Karlheinz.

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Karlheinz Stockhausen: Nr. 2 Piano Pieces I-IV

Die als Werk Nr. By Januaryhowever, he had decided the harmony was not “clean” enough, and completely rewrote the piece again Toop b26; Toop klavierstckf, Finally, a process of “extreme compressions which begin to destroy the form to the point of its no longer being perceptible so as to bring about silence and motionless sound” is imposed over the course of the work.

According to another analysis, it is the pattern of the first five notes, and thus a klaviestcke time structure based on fives runs through the entire piece Schnebel— Views Read Edit View history. These two hexachords alternate regularly throughout the piece, but the internal order of the notes is freely permuted from one occurrence to the next Harvey23; Kohl; Rigoni Like the original, discarded piece, the new version is divided into five tempo-defined sections MM 40, Really it implies greater attention to the physical act of “attacking” the notes; to such subjective playing instructions as “as fast as possible” where the player’s actual style at that moment is privileged over notation.


The pace is especially thrilling. Numbers V to X were written with what Stockhausen called “variable form”. Dieser Artikel wurde am Additionally, a chord’s “spectral layers” could be organized, in that a chord’s harmonic color could be built up through anticipatory grace notes indeterminately-paced “satellite tones” stpckhausen, and then “taken apart” by the individual fade out of each note of a chord and it’s overtones.

Stockhausen: Sounds in Space: KLAVIERSTÜCK XI

Stockhausen at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, In addition to these exercises a number other instructions concerning the performance situation are to be taken into account. All this added activity makes for a very exciting performance, should one be able to attend one live. Die Gruppen stockhaysen sich nicht nur durch Notenanzahl, Tonumfang, Richtung und andere Parameter, sondern auch durch die Zeitskalen aufeinanderfolgender Takte, welche aus Permutationen einer Folge von 1 bis 6 Viertelnoten gewonnen werden.

Instead, the performer must choose which notes to perform synchronously with the meticulously notated electronic music Kiec By the end, the figures become unified into a higher supraordinate Gestalt Stockhausen Stockhausen himself described an analog in writing in “Perspectives of New Music 31 No.

I think all the structural material all of a sudden is going to change drastically in the detail. This notation is more precise than the traditional indications Maconie; Rigoni November und am 3. Depress the right pedal partly down half-pedal to create a soft continuation of the initial attack. August fertiggestellt worden. Stockhausen’s design appears to have been to select an equal number of fragments from each row degree of complexity of subdivision and each column overall duration of the fragmentexcept for the first column shortest duration and last row most complex subdivision.


Now his latest approach — on just two expertly-recorded CDs from the ever-enterprising Italian label, Atopos — is more refined, distilled, concentrated. Stockhausen The set is dedicated to Marcelle Mercenierthe Belgian pianist who klavierstcks the world premiere in Darmstadt on 21 August Decroupet This is true of these piano pieces too.

Stockhausen: Klavierstücke I to XI CD review – Liebner makes light work of piano cycle’s challenges

Eine steigende Linie bedeutet Accelerandoeine fallende Linie Ritardandound bei einer Pause verschwindet die Linie komplett. Juni in Darmstadt, Nr.

Enthusiasts for Stockhausen and his world can hardly afford to miss this landmark recording, which must now be considered the leading one. The rhythmic proportions throughout this piece are governed by the Fibonacci series Kramer—25used both directly 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.

And even more full of meaning… and heart.

Second, a fourth layer, consisting of complete statement klwvierstcke the “nuclear” form of the Lucifer formula—the eleven pitches of the Lucifer formula, with the basic durations but without rhythmic subdivisions or the seven Akzidenzen inserted between the main segments “scale”, “improvisation”, “echo”, “coloured silences”, etc.

These “two-dimensional scales” are then permuted systematically Truelove, —and the six resulting, increasingly larger matrices were combined together to form the columns of a new, complex Final Rhythm Matrix of six columns and six rows Truelove, — Dezember fertiggestellt, mit einer am