Kohomba Yak Kankariya. Most of the Sinhala ritual dances have their legends called Uthpaththi Katha The Story behind the Kohomba Yak. Historypose of the Kandayn danceAccording to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which is also known . Kohomba Kankariya was first enacted in Sri Lanka during and , at Jayawardenapura, Kotte. The ritual of God Kohomba, which ought to have been.

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Kandyan dance

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The vannama dance okhomba has seven components. Most vannam describe the behaviour of animals such as elephants, monkeys, rabbits, peacock, cocks, serpents etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the same time, a Banana flower is shot with an arrow, as a preventive measure to stop the evil eye being cast on the organiser of the Kankariya.

The dancer wears a white cloth and white turban, beadwork decorations on his chest, a waistband, rows of beads around his neck, silver chains, brass shoulder plates, anklets, and jingles. According to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba kankariya named for the deity Kohombawhich is also known as Kohomba yak kankariya or simply kankariya. King Panduwasdeva is duly cured, and King Mayala assigns a local prince Kohomba to perform the ritual in future.

Traditionally a dancer would have to learn to perform all of these vannam kankariay they would be gifted the ves costume. His successor King Panduwasdeva however is afflicted by the curse and dreams of Kuveni in the form of a Leopard, whereupon he becomes seriously ill.


Kandyan dance – Wikipedia

It was originally performed by dancers who were identified as a separate caste under the Kandyan feudal system. He assumes the figure of a wild boar and destroys the royal garden. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kandyan dance.

It was the decision of God Sakra-the Kankarija of gods-that he could not be cured except by a person who was born kohombw of a flower-known as the king of a flower. The wild boar crossed the ocean at a place named ‘Thuththukudi” and went up to Hantana mountain, and there he turned into a rock. Even though originally only males were allowed train as dancers, there are now several schools which also train women in the Kandyan dance form.

They were aligned to the Temple of the Tooth and had a significant role to play in the dalada perahera procession held each year by the temple. But, the final preparations for the ceremony commences at least two weeks earlier, such as the adaptation of the place where it is to be held on an auspicious day.

According to legend, the origin of this ritual dates back even to King Panduvasudeva’s era in which it was born.

Kohomba Kankariya – an awesome Kandyan Dance Ritual with deep roots in Lankan Legend

In the days gone by, ‘Ves’ was only donned on very senior dancers. Rahu who is mischievous uses kakariya to get the king to come to Lanka. There are only a few performances of the Kohomba Kankariya now due to many social, economic and political reasons. Then the dancers come back to the site of the ritual, where the ‘Yahana’ or Altar is, and blessings are showered iankariya the organizer of the Kohomba Kankariya.

The blessings are expected to manifest only in the location that KK is enacted, so that if any others want such blessings, they too are compelled to enact KK in their own areas, thereby ensuring more people would make offerings to please the ‘Yakka’ devil separately for their well-being!


Kankarjya the first to review this listing! It is a very difficult instruments to play.

Preparation for the ritual commences three months in advance and each step of the preparation is performed with veneration. She leaves with her children, but in her distress she curses Vijaya and his descendants thereafter. In several ballets he choreographed, he has used kandyan dance movements and features.

Retrieved from ” https: The name ‘Male Rajuroowo’ prince from flowers in Sinhala is derived form this episode. Naiyandi dance Dancers in Naiyandi costume perform during the initial preparations of the Kohomba Kankariya festival, during the lighting of the lamps and the preparation of foods for the demons. In this kavikara maduwa a decorated dance arena there were song and poetry contests.

The reason has not been adduced so far. In some ways his popularity also helped to reduce the caste barriers surrounding the dance, and made it more palatable to an urban, contemporary audience.

Ves is the headdress of a fully fledged Kandyan Dance. It has now been revived and adapted for the stage, and is Sri Lanka’s primary cultural export. Pani Bharatha and Ven. The first such donning of ‘Ves’ in a school was Kingswood College, Kandy.