Find great deals for Korg MiniKorg Keyboard Synthesizer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Korg followed up on their miniKORG single oscillator synthesizer with the S which added a second oscillator making it a two oscillator synthesizer. The S is an enhanced version of the Korg Mini-Korg , with added 2nd VCO and Ring Modulator – all controlled by the extra side panel.

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It is still quite capable of generating a very analog bass sound, thud, thump, growl or squeal.

Again, very playable and easy to get some interesting soundz and noizes. Log in Become a member.

The Mini s is superb! Filter – High-pass and Low-pass filters. Manual Korrg the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. The possibilities of sounds that the Korg S can do are far too many. Write a user review Ask for a user review. An impeccable sampling of oddball instruments, The Attic includes a pile of samples from the MiniKorg rolled into an included Kontakt Player instrument. Here are just a few examples View the discussion thread.

The Old Korg Owner’s Club has info, tips. Some Korg S Soundz. It is not portamento either.

Read more about Puremagnetik Synth Did you find this review helpful? They perfectly complement each other.

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In fact i got the DV because i wanted to have something along the lines of a S. Korg and S basically share the same circuit boards, except that the Korg S has an extra PCB inside, and also extra sliders and switches on the left of the keyboard – which is basically the additional Ring-Mod circuit. The only thing I could reproach them is their lack of expressiveness — joysticks and aftertouch only arrived with the Sigma model.

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MiniKorg s, Analog Synth from Korg. Not satisfied with those reviews? Conversely, it was also embraced by maestro of mellow music, Kitaro, who was still using the thing korh after he could afford more illustrious instruments. Krog wood side-panels and large primary colored knobs and sliders are a sure sign of Vintage status. This is like the brother of the DVbut in fact it’s the cousin the brother should be Photos of Internal Wiring.

Along with korvyou get all manner of old string machines and other assorted synths and noisemakers. Keyboard – 37 keys. Sometimes a decent bass sound for techno music can be achieved using the MiniKorg’s hi-pass and low-pass kprg.

I always liked to have a Mini-Korgor S. Just remove the top cover, remove the keyboard and side panel, all PCB’s are underneath, simple. This 700x just sliding the 2 at different positions, thus changing the filter This S came like this, a bit scratched on the casing, but otherwise kor in quite good conditions; The S is an enhanced version of the Korg Mini-Korgwith added 2nd VCO and Ring Modulator – all controlled by the extra side panel on the left.

It is not a Pitch Bend. Oscillators – 2 VCOs sawtooth triangle, square. The MiniKorg was the first in a long line of Korg analogue instruments – a line that is still going strong today.


The two 70s can be de-tuned and they offer triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms.

However, jorg basic sound structure and the main synth and the 3 main PCBs inside are identical. An interesting and unusual synth, the MiniKorg is still waiting to be reintroduced into the modern era.

Korg MiniKorg-700 Keyboard Synthesizer

This S came like this, a bit scratched on the casing, but otherwise it’s in quite good conditions. Request a new review. All I needed to do was clean them up and, a miracle, they ended up singing like on their first day! It is just to bend the start point of the sound. Some controls have bizarre names like Bender, Traveler and Expand for the auto-bend, filter and envelope, respectively.

Widely used by a lot of artists, including Will Gregory of Goldfrapp. This is just a rough dossing around, changing various parameters as the sequence is played Audio Clip 1 A full pallette of sample hits of various patches from the MiniKorg synth.

Korg MiniKorg Keyboard Synthesizer | eBay

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