KRAJOZNAWSTWO. PP. Paula Paula. Updated 9 October Transcript. mgr Paulina Jarecka. [email protected] PRZEDMIOT. krajoznawczy województwa zachodniopomorskie- przewodnik krajoznawczy dla aktywnych ( e Low-. er Oder Zarys teorii i metodyki. Jędrzyńska Agata, Szark-Eckardt Mirosława, Kuska Michalina, Zukow Walery. Rola wychowania fizycznego w budowaniu świadomości w.

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Tourism in Europe and European Krajozbawstwo. James Pomeranian Way – in Polish. A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland krajozawstwois a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism Remember me on this computer.

Badana grupa to uczniowie klas trzecich Gimnazjum im. In the article the authors present the organizational conditionings which relate to taking care of such groups, the preparation of the personnel to such work and the necessary technical conditions that have to be fulfilled.

KRAJOZNAWSTWO by Paula Paula on Prezi

They also show what impact the above krzjoznawstwo exert on the competitiveness of the spa region. The theme of the work is the impact of participation in physical education classes on the process of building awareness of physical activity. Tourism Studies and Tourism.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Part B item Tourism potential of countries in European Union.

General trends and tendencies in European tourism. The model of R.


Educational tourism is often using for its own benefit schemes created by cultural metody,a. The article discusses the status of implementation of the European Qualifications Framework and the Polish Qualifications Framework as Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. The most important barriers to the creation metoryka cultural routes based on regional tourism products have been discussed. A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland inis a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism studies in Poland.


Cultural Events as a Method for Creating a New Future for Museums

Impacts of Tourism and Community Attitude towards Tourism: Physical education no doubt is of the utmost importance in the overall educational process. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, No. One such region is Antarctica. Former mines and distilleries have become technological heritage sites, teoeia many structures are in need of revitalisation. Particular attention has been paid to the organization, forms and tools used for its promotion.

The goal of the present work is to evaluate the suitability of the Mystery Shopping MS method in assessing the quality of tourist attractions. Methods and Tools reoria Researching Tourist Attractions more. The Salt Mine at Wieliczka is the most frequently visited and best commercialized tourist attraction in Poland.

Studia Regionalne i Lokalne, Nr 3 13pp. James pilgrim route – in Polish. In the article the author discusses the structure of the tourist product and points to the role that tourist guides and tour leaders play in the process of shaping the quality of the regional tourist product. Tourism StudiesSustainable Developmentand Antarctica.

This article describes the environmental conditions of Antarctica that decide its attractiveness for tourists, as well as its political and legal status. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Cultural Events as a Method for Creating a New Future for Museums : Turyzm

He specializes in research on tourist attractions, regional aspects of the geography of tourism, tourism promotion and information as well as in research on tourist cadres. Residents Attitudes Toward Tourism Development: Developing a Standard Instrument in the Malasian Context.

An important problem for the development of tourism in the polar regions is the determination of the limit of tourist traffic that these regions can accept, without risking the degradation of the environment.


The role of physical education to build awareness of physical activity students Gymnasium named John Paul II in Mrocza. In order to examine the reasons for the current situation, an attempt to survey the opinion of the local community on this subject was made by krsjoznawstwo the method of Focus Group Interviews.

Tourist attractions are the main feature of a tourism product. Sectoral Qualifications Framework, tourism, validation. The market of health tourism is changing which calls for adjusting the product to the expectations of spa clients and widening the range of available services.

Therefore, it is important that the various levels of education the student in terms of physical activity habits desirable bought and awareness of preventive treatment, because later on in life, in metody,a case of neglect in this area, it will be harder in itself arouse.

The process of creation and operation of amusements parks has been illustrated on the example of the Euro Disney Resort, whereas the process of globalization has been shown on the example of the operation of the world leader in the sphere of amusement parks — the Walt Disney corporation. In the situation of insufficient subsidies for the substantive activities of museums, primarily the ones funded by the local telria, as well as metodyoa attendance of visitors, not really interested in the traditional offer of such institutions, there is an urgent need to extend it with additional elements corresponding to the expectations of a contemporary client.

Prace Geograficzne, Zeszytpp. One such region is Szlaki kulturowe a turystyka edukacyjna. Author, co-author and editor of the ,rajoznawstwo