Here is a list of books on Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP). These books talk about KP only, means only a short treatment is given on the basics of. Friends. Today I am providing you a list of ‘Marathi’ books on ‘Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP)’. I know many of you reading this blog may not know. krishnamurti paddhati books free download,Download PDF Books for Free | eBooks | Free Books | Ourhindi Books PDF | पुस्तक मुफ्त.

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First 3 volumes are something that you might want to read, rest you may skip safely. I will prefer hindi books on KP Astrology. Especially i am looking for Marathi Copy.

You may check with Mr Chandrakant Shewale of Rohini Book Depo, Pune details are in the post itselfhe may be in paddjati to source you a copy. This is a free software, no license required. In the mean time you can read a post on my Marathi Blog on similar topic IIf you can understand Hindi, then you can understand this post http: Regards, Gajanan Parkar Mobile no Thanks for visiting my blog. But ,even fleetingly, I did not find you mention about Book of Shri. Stellar Astrological Research Institute Well coming to you What drives you to pursue with KP Astrology?


KP Replaces the Unscientific Method Stellar effects on Human Life Thanks for all the information you have put in this blog. I found KCIL interesting, worth considering.

Marathi books on ‘Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP)’

Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks. Also, where are you conducting your course in english.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Just wait till coming Monday. A new Light on Jyothisha 9.

You can also buy this book from, Mr. Khullar this also based on KP principles and other known methods in Vedic, Western Astrology etc are not consistent and reliable. Thank you Regards K,Kugan.

Jyotish Shashtra Krishnamurti Paddhati | Books For You

So it is rather difficult to figure out rate of accuracy. Where can I get it. Principles used in 4 Step theory are contradicting to KP, many veteran KP astrologers had raised concerns over this approach. There is some interest in 4 Step theory propounded by Mr. When I checked with him he showed no interest in reprinting those books or allowing anybody to translate it into other languages. Going by the feedback received and repeat customer and referrals, I feel that I am doing fine! KCIL can be best used for Horary query based Astrologywherein a chart is erected at the time of answering a query birth chart is not usedwhen such a chart is erected, we have a choice of time and thus it can be set HH: Just download the file, install, register and start using.


I believe Sureshji had transalted both his books in Hindi and Gujrathi. Marriage, Married Life and Children 3.

Contact details of all these sources are in some of the blog posts, please check. I think now you are also into commercial aspect and offering consultations with some fees?!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You have mentioned almost all the good literature available in Marathi about KP.

Books on Krishnamurti Paddhati | Astrology and more

Please vooks my both blogs marathi: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Kalamsa and Cuspal Interlink Theory. The first book from Mr. Another interesting family of books is from Mr. But sirnowdays you are not posting anythin.

If any one interested to learn basics, feel free call me onstays in bhiwandi, near thane. I have tried a lot, it not able to get books online. I wanted either in Gujrati or Hindi. Sub lord Speaks is also a series of books, containing 3 volumes, author had proposed quite a controversial theory, 4 Step theory propounded by Mr.

Krishnamurti had written 6 books, called KP readersbut my advice is not to start with it.