Kubilay Aktulum is the author of Metinlerarası İlişkiler ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews), Parçalılık Metinlerarasılık ( avg rating, 1 rating. Explore kubilay aktulum’s 99 photos on Flickr! kubilay aktulum. Follow. Give Pro. aktulumk. 0 Followers•1 Following. 99 Photos. Joined K. Aktulum is with the Department of French Language And Literature, Hacettepe University, Ankara Cite: Kubilay Aktulum, “What Is Intersemiotics?.

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Predicative Competence in a Digitalised Society.

Dokuz Eylül University Information Package / Courses Catalog

Offered By Department of Performing Arts. Morgan, and William V.

In the current digitalised society, communication level requires high predicative competence and concept clarity to avoid predicative fallacies and to manage the contemporary information overload successfully. Learning and teaching strategy, after transferring the properties of postmodern theater of our time, with the romance of the era s incorrigible access to the texts of postmodernity, kugilay the formation of a postmodern text information, research and study on all the sub-headings and in the light of trends in contemporary postmodern text analysis methods contained in the routing, raising interest in the structuralist and semiotic interpretation techniques.

In my work, I have no intention at all to remind you all the definitions of an intertextual approach, but only to transform some data of these theories aktulim the context of an intersemiotic definition by reference to the practice of “ekphrasis” in the impressionistic novel by Zola: Antigone theme held with contemporary conditions, how the marginalized individuals ruined by the wild capitalism in the play.


Karlie Harstad International Journal of Social Science and Humanity.

The Cultural Trojan Horse: Peters Connections in terms of lack of memory, questioning life through never existed or imaginary people. Work Placement s None. Rendering of mathematical equations is done with MathJax. Please note that many of the page functionalitities won’t work as expected without javascript enabled.

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The Effect of History on Authentic Experience. Issues in Theatre and Cinemas 2.

Rodolfo Fiorini Politecnico akyulum Milano, Italy. Aurica Briscaru Executive Editor: For all forms of communication, aktuluum should use the following address and details: Firat Arapoglu and Insel Inal Problems in the Perception of Linear Perspective.

Aspects of the Lives of Turkish Transsexual Prostitutes. Ceramic and Blue Dilek Alkan Ozdemir Arthur Miller s play Mr. Contact Details for the Lecturer s To be announced.

Reinhold Tritt s play named The Wave, obedience tests impact on individuals and the effect of belonging. In the introduction, a clear and concise description of the problem the article is covering should be given. Language of Instruction Turkish.


Please send us a message for support or for reporting bugs. Issues in Theatre and Cinemas. Upon receiving approval from kubjlay Publication Committee and Editor, the article is sent to two zktulum reviewers in the associated field.

Peter Schaffer s play The Gift of the Gorgon, usage of mythology in contemporary literature and the place of the violence concept in theater. Tom Stoppard s play Rosencrantz ve Guildernstern Are Dead tragedy containing the play Hamlet s two character and intertextuality.

No existing citations in Discussion Group. Articles with exceptional academic quality that are accepted to the journal should contain an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section.

What Is Intersemiotics? A Short Definition and Some Examples

English Turkish English Login. This paper presents a relevant contribute to model and simulation, offering an example of new forms of evolutive inter- and trans-disciplinarity post-Bertalanffy modeling. A Graphic Design Challenge. An Empirical Study in the Design Studio: Zehra Cobanli and Lale Demir.

For in-text citations and other technical applications, please visit http: Art in Greece since C.