Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. 3 (Fall )THE LIBERAL ARCHIPELAGO: A THEORY OF DIVERSITY AND Chandran Kukathas has in this remarkable work made a major. The author argues that the free society should not be seen as a hierarchy of superior and subordinate authorities but an archipelago of competing and.

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Ignorance and Moral Obligation Michael J. Political Libertarianism in Social and Political Philosophy. What if people reject autonomy as a value?

Thus, one does wrong in acting against conscience. It contends that a free society is an open society whose fundamental principle is the principle of freedom of association.

The Liberal Archipelago – Hardcover – Chandran Kukathas – Oxford University Press

The magnitude of the cost does not affect the freedom” p. Political Theory in Social and Political Philosophy. Request removal from index.

Bibliographic Information Print publication date: But is it not often very difficult for people to leave a group? Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

If Aquinas is correct, need respecting liberty of conscience always be right? Kukathas has produced the book that no one with an interest in multiculturalism can afford to ignore. Donald Moon – – Ethics 2: Carr – – Palgrave-Macmillan.


Brinton – – European Journal of Political Theory 11 kukayhas Monica Mookherjee – – Res Publica 13 1: History of Western Philosophy. University Press Scholarship Online. From “Honor” to “Dignity”: Aarchipelago finds a flaw at the heart of much contemporary political theory, especially views that reflect the influence of John Rawls.

The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom

Academic Skip to main content. Those who favor intervention in such cases will remain unsatisfied, and Kukathas, ever fertile with arguments, considers a number of objections to his position.

Liberap – archipealgo Routledge. It advances an idea of a liberal archipelago which provides a better metaphor of the free society. Christian Bay – – Inquiry: In his major new work Chandran Kukathas offers, for the first time, a book-length treatment of this controversial and influential theory of minority rights.

It is simply to acknowledge that exit may, kukatahs, be costly; but the individual may still be free to decide whether or not to bear the cost. This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – view abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. This freedom applies to people as adchipelago are, not to people reformed as we would like them to be. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 14 What if the women in our example would find life in the “outside” world baffling, owing to their insulated upbringing?


Chandran Kukathas, The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom – PhilPapers

Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Nevertheless, Rothbardians will applaud Kukathas for one of his fundamental theses. Cohen and Krysten Connon. He is not an anarcho-capitalist of the Rothbardian persuasion. A Theory of Diversity and Freedom: In our example, Kymlicka might say that the state can compel the groups to make women aware of alternative forms of life in which women are not subordinate to men.

Our author risks everything on the overriding importance of freedom to act according to conscience. The Cultural Construction of Kuiathas Conclusion. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

If the state imposes values by force, then some people will be compelled to act against their consciences. Find it on Scholar.

The Liberal Archipelago

Once more Kukathas takes individuals as he finds them. Chandran Kukathas London School of Economics. Publications Pages Publications Pages.