KŪṬADANTA SUTTA, translated by T. W. Rhys Davids WHOEVER put this Sutta together must have been deeply imbued with the spirit of. Kutadanta’s Question. Brahman Kutadanta is prepaing to perform an abundant sacrifice. A lot of bulls, cows, goats and rams are brought to the. Now at that time the brahmin Kūṭadanta was living in Khāṇumata. It was a crown property given by King Seniya Bimbisāra of Magadha, teeming with living .

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Some scholars claim that the original precept prohibited going to drinking establishments, not drinking sufta se.

The Buddha tells a legend of the past, in which a king is persuaded to give up violent sacrifice, and instead to devote his resources to supporting the needy citizens of his realm.

Clearly, humanity has not progressed much in 2, years, though much is always promised. Both these passages from the epics are from later portions of them. And when he had thus spoken, those Brahmans lifted up their voices in tumult, and said: And kuutadanta were three modes of the giving of that sacrifice.

Kutadanta Sutta (DN 5)

They enter and remain in the second absorption … third absorption … fourth absorption. And the Brahmins and householders of Khanumata heard say: And they began to leave Khanumata in companies and in bands to go to the Ambalatthika pleasaunce.

The words could not be used in the new sense assigned. Now when King Wide-realm was once sitting alone in meditation he became anxious at the thought: Let them eat green grass and drink fresh water, and may cool breezes waft around them.

The Lord assented by silence. This last expression cannot possibly mean anything of that sort. Footnotes need to be incorporated into the text. Then Kutadanta said to the Brahmins: And brahmin, in that sacrifice no cattle were killed, no goats were killed, and no chickens or pigs were killed. Then the aristocrat vassals of town and country set up gifts to the east of the sacrificial pit.


It is given doubtfully by Buddhaghosa, in discussing a doubtful reading at Sum. People come to consult him from foreign kingdoms and foreign lands. However, the Brahman wants to know from the Buddha what sacrifice will be the most successful.

Kutadanta Sutta (DN 5) – Paliesque

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sura, meraya, and majja are three types of alcoholic drinks. Thus, the Buddha does appear to be prohibiting a range of alcoholic beverages, from weak brewed suttz strong distilled. And those men, following each his business, harassed suta realm no more.

But if the king were to extract more taxes while his realm is thus harried and oppressed, he would not be doing his duty. I am reminded, as I am frequently when reading the words of the Buddha, of the poems of Laozi concerning government, thieves, and taxes. Khanumata is described as populous, full of grass, timber, water, and corn.

And the king desires to propitiate, not any god, but living men. Does the Reverend Gotama acknowledge that he performed, or caused to be performed, such a sacrifice, and that in consequence at death, after the breaking-up of the body, he was reborn in a good sphere, iutadanta heavenly state? They build up a gorgeous fairy tale in which the ancient mythology of the sun-myth is brought into play in order to show how the greatest possible autta and glory of the greatest and best of all possible kings is, after all, but vanity.

No bondservants, employees, or workers did their jobs under threat of punishment and danger, weeping with tearful faces. He explains that those who give constant alms to hermits and those who build monasteries for hermits, get more refined fruits hermits do not approach usual sacrifices kutadamta of the use of violence in their preparation.


Many Devas and humans are devoted to him. Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:. Seeing all the Brahmins and householders making for Ambalatthika, he asked his steward the reason. Being mentioned, as in our passage, at the end of the list, it is plain that this branch of learning is meant to be taken as of minor importance. Whatever is left over, you take away. And when he had thus spoken, those Brahmans lifted up their voices in tumult, and said: Therefore, I decided to look up the Pali original of this text.

Suppose Your Majesty were to think: Then those people, being intent on their occupations, will not harm the kingdom. Now I don’t know all this, and yet I want to carry out a sacrifice.

Let the venerable ones give their sanction to what will be to me for weal and welfare for many days. Or perhaps it means: Similarly, the chaplain himself, being a Brahman, is well born, versed in the mantras, virtuous, and learned. But perchance his majesty might think: Because at it beating with sticks takes place, and seizing by the throat.

Many gods and humans are devoted to him. And the things given, and the manner of their gift, was in all respects like unto the great sacrifice of King Wide-realm himself.

In the middle period the riddles and quibbles of the Nature-lorists are despised.