La Brujería del Futuro, de Doreen Valiente. Puedes conseguirlo en http://magia. What Witches Do (Lo que hacen los brujos, en español) Doreen Valiente: Witch Witchcraft for Tomorrow (Brujería del futuro, en español). La mayor parte de libros sobre brujería se encuentran en inglés. La Magia del Futuro – Doreen Valiente; Hechizos para la Bruja Solitaria – Eileen Holland-.

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Im reading Mastering Witchcraft by Brujedia Huson and he says that your witch name should be kept secret, only shared with trusted witch friends, and used to boost your power in spellwork.

Do you ever feel things in your life like some sort of video game or role playing game where you have to complete certain quests before something is opened up for you? The holly, associated with sacrifice and the blood of Christ, and the parasitic mistletoe, associated with the death of Baldur in Norse mythology — these were the plants associated with Christmas before the Christmas tree became the standard.

When this is dry, sprinkle the pendulum with salt water, and cense it with an futudo composed of wormwood, mugwort, and a few grains of mastic. Like the vakiente that go dormant, we must embrace the darkness of winter to grow and thrive. If it did not burn through the night, it would be a terrible omen.

A year ago after the saga of having to cut down our huge tree I rebuilt my house wards.


You also have mumming, wassailing, and caroling — dressing up in colorful costumes and sometimes drunkenly begging for money door-to-door. Instead of the written question, you may also use a photograph of someone about whom you wish to find out something, asking the question in the same manner.

Doreen Valiente

So many things we associate with Christmas — Christmas trees, greeting cards, Santa Claus, his reindeer and elves, gift-giving in general — all of these things came into vogue in the 19 th Century and are very sticky-sweet, in my opinion.

I had a good day today- I took a mental health day before jumping into finals related work, which was nice, and I pretty much just read a book all day. Obtain a lodestone or, failing that, a small steel magnet and some strong twine about nine inches in length.

Before the cheerful Christmas tree, a number of other plants were associated with Christmas. From 10 minutes every day, to performing long exercises for months. Magic is a skill that needs practice and work. However, I had heard before that it is a sort of alias when communing with spirits or other witches to protect your real name. By watching the fire and coals of the Yule log, one could also predict who would give birth and who would die in the coming year.

I believe they come from the Key of Solomon. Demon Lovers by Walter Stephens This book does a really good job at illustrating the power exchange between Witches and Demons. One even assumed it was a lawn ornament, which it was not. Some are older, some more current: In an era before television or radio, homemade storytelling was one of the primary forms of entertainment.


Personally, the way that I see them most useful is as a guise or a mask. And winter was the storytelling season. Before stories about reindeer, snowmen, or things of that ilk, there were ghost stories.

This is an example of strategic secrecy. The pendulum is no exception to the rule, although owing to the extreme simplicity of the divination, many witches feel they can do without any form of Mercurial orientation.

The Yule log, meant to provide doreeb on the darkest night of the year, was a magic charm in and of itself.

mastering witchcraft by paul huson | Tumblr

Feel free to reblog with more books everyone! Though it does paint a good picture of Satanic thought, it is atheistic, and therefore leaves out key details on demonolatry. He was just going to save listening to lx for later. Johns wort dont burn if on certain medicine.

I think that babywitchellie might be able to help more?? Also, the Yule log. If you followed this blog long enough you would have seen it. The beginner witch should only concern herself with obtaining 1 simple divinations by using it.