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Los Anagramas de Varsovia. After a point there are a hair too many overt murders that sap some of the menace, surprisingly, as they make the gathering darkness all too palpably concrete. The book is entrancing, but a bit slow at times when progressing through over 22 CD’s. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

La Historiadora: : Elizabeth Kostova: Books

More on the reasons later. And I don’t recall that Kosfova mixes her scenes well. Is it possible that the Dracula of myth truly existed and that he has lived on, century after century, pursuing his own unknowable ends? View all 8 comments. Return to Book Page. It was dead and without the risk of ever returning to life, so that no one would ever have to read it again.

The author is obviously an excellent researcher and really knew her stuff.

I really enjoy vampire literature and this book View all 15 comments. The title is misleading some of you out there. It wasn’t completely terrible – many charicterizations are off the charts for their specificity and originality. And I sighed my deepest sigh yet, as another tiny particle of my soul curled up, died and flaked off and floated away into the ether.


However, all that did was try to make up for a very thin and shallow plot that didn’t really interest me as much.

Now I have read a number of great books that use the format of letter writing to convey the plot. All the action takes place in libraries, and consists of primary source research. Kostova’s historical tracking of the real Vlad Drakulya is flawless and she is able to describe with a chilling, atmospheric eye for detail, the many settings as well as the political climate in which this story unfolds. For revenge, I will attempt to write the shortest review of The Historian: I also rather enjoyed the sub-plot about the protagonist’s parents.

I can do that especially because the rest of the bookthat is to say more than out of a total ofis not only entertaining, but also both insanely instructive and insanely intriguing, and I loved it madly. I’d say the blurb is rather deceptive, though, because exciting, nailbiting stuff this is not.

Kostova also has a Tolkien-esque thing for food and drink. Dracul is the Romanian word for the dragon. The historians in this novel really act a lot like real historians, except on meth.

La historiadora

Once powerful, he no longer holds any amount of thrall. Historiadlra “undead” as it were. Then, Dracula inevitably shows up again to slap people around a little, so that the historians will be too afraid to continue their research.

The premise for this book was really intriguing but the story gets lost in page after page of unrelenting descriptions and cryptic dialogue.


La Historiadora

Kostova’s attention to historical accuracy, specifically regarding the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler rather than the mythical and paranormal Dracula the Kstova. I thought it was a great mix of both.

View all 14 comments. The other historical events in the book are real ones, carefully researched, although the twentieth-century characters are fictional. Neat tourist locales and sumptuous repasts cannot entirely hide the fact that everything else is thin gruel. I’m really into history so I thought kostoa was pretty damn good.

At times, you have to remind yourself that this is a book about vampires. All her characters – unless they have an obvious accent – sound alike and there’s far too much exposition and repetition.

The Historian goes with the belief that he is definitely a Vampire, and that he is still alive. When you January 3, Dear Khanh ofI am your older, wiser self.

Umbriel; Translation edition 30 Sept. This novel is better than I had any anticipation of it being. The reader is drawn into the past quickly and presented with the vast knowledge Ms.

A brief rant about epistolary novels. The denouement is ridiculous and I honestly don’t understand why it had to be this why, since it’s more than apparent that Kostova’s imagination isto say the least, extraordinarily vivid. You won’t be disappointed.