Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in In at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in Plus! is also packed with major improvements to such effects as Casino Royale.

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He combines such effects with his engaging personality, dynamic presentation, immaculate dress, and command of language to create a criterion for preforming mentalism we must all strive for. Regardless of language, culture, or customs, these original and refreshing mental effects have captured and captivated everyone, knowing magicians, mentalists and lay-people alike.

A spectator freely selects one of eight Baseball trading cards. These inexplicable mysteries, complete with presentations, will catapult you to a higher plateau as larty entertainer. Larry White’s “X-ray vision” design duplication using two opaque manila envelopes. The book itself is now nearly double in size from the previous editions. No markup to profit on the shipping. Cool, what are some of your favorite routines in it?

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If befker information you have filled in does not match your bank details the payment can not be completed. In fact, I’m so certain I’ll leave you with a final warning: If you have even a little bit of a handering to work for big money you should get and read this book.

What’s in use here, except for the envelope with the prediction, is a freezer plastic bag on a stand, and a jumbo deck. So, I hope I’ve convinced you that you have a real treat in store as you open the following pages.


Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic

Larry Becker’s material is first-rate. After a spectator eliminates all but one, the discarded envelopes are destroyed in a paper shredder.

Now, after ten years, not only may you enjoy this original masterly work, you’ll also be able to delve into the many variations, improvements and new effects that were created during the decade following the publication of Stunners!

A baffling mental coin effect with an extra added “attraction. On an ethical level, you can make it clear that what you are doing is for entertainment purposes, and that it is the product of intensive study into the “nature” of the human experience or whatever spin you prefer.

The spectator totals all ten numbers only to discover the performer had correctly predicted the answer. I think Larry Becker openly states that his style of magic is more “mental magic” than “mentalism” per se.

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Stunners PLUS! by Larry Becker –

In regards to the question posted Lee Earle modernizes “Bank Nite” with an ingenious method you’ll love to use. The performer correctly identifies who drew what, and brings the demonstration to an exciting climax by duplicating the final drawing while it is still laying face down on the larfy.

However, there is a lot and I, mean a LOT of great, very usable, audience tested and practical routines here. How else can we explain him? I haven’t performed any of this new material, but I can tell you that Al Zymer Graphology is a clever way to do handwriting analysis without needing to remember anything about graphology. With this befker technique the questions are never even written by the participants, but each is directly answered-you could even seal the answers in envelopes for the sitter to take home and read later, lwrry specific names, dates and answers.


I don’t want to waste time being the new flavor of the month.

For example I don’t know anybody who didn’t like Sneak Thief, which is pure genius. Larry Becker and Roy Roth combine their talents to produce a die divination box that duplicates everything the expensive electronic models can do, without the use of electronics.

This is definitely a must-have book for those who don’t own it. Larry’s “tricks” work fast, are powerful, dramatic and decidedly entertaining.

Sure, there are some prop-heavy routines, but the book really inspired me to think about the routines and how they could be developed. One of the boldest “Psychometric” routines ever created.

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Unless you never open it. The material in the Post Stunners Decade is of the same quality of the material in Stunners. Larry is about to share what his fifty years in the business has taught him and to teach us what he has created. And, of course, I don’t want to practice or learn anything.

His chilling “Russian Roulette,” the highlight of his act the method revealed in this book for the first time is internationally known and acknowledged as one of the finest versions ever performed.

Even though I skip right past the many effects which unsurprisingly utilize lzrry cards yawn the books contain a plethora of other great mental effects and, even though these books are probably not as well known as the more glitzy “Stunners Plus,” they’re a terrific resource for performers of mentalism and mental magic.